Monday, 4 November 2013

It never rains, it pours..

heels: irregular choice
dress: debenhams
Well, I got back from the weekend away with the guides in high spirits and looking forward to a quiet evening in. Only to find that my smoke alarm was going and my flat was flooded - water everywhere as the boiler had been overheating, so there was steam everywhere and condensation all over the ceiling. So, instead of a nice, relaxing evening, I spent a couple of hours mopping up water from the floor and ceiling, before trying to salvage what I could. Pretty sad about a lot of my shoes, books and things like photos and postcards which look ruined, along with a lot of the Christmas shopping I'd done and which I'd planned to wrap this week.

I've today had a plumber out to fix the boiler and set up a dehumidifier, so that I can get everything dried out before properly assessing the damage, but needless to say these outfit photos are from last week - both this dress and these shoes are pretty stained with water marks at the moment :(

I don't have a lot more to say, as I'm already late for guides and I need to stop at the bunkhouse on the way as apparently one of the girls left a bag there. Good job I wasn't organised enough to have already posted the keys back!


  1. Oh no that sounds awful, Char! Definitely the last thing you needed after a busy weekend away. Hope all your things and christmas presents are salvage-able.

  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your boiler, I hope you manage to get everything sorted super quickly! We had a burst pipe a few months ago and I was most upset about losing some of our family photographs.

    Jennie xo |

  3. Oh no, this is the last thing you need to be dealing with. And oh, the poor shoes!
    Hope it all gets sorted soon.

  4. Oh Char, what a start/end to a week. Shout if I can help in any way, even though I'm miles away.

  5. How terrible for you. I hope you can salvage lots and lots and ALL!

  6. I'm so sorry about your flat and all your stuff being damaged. I can't imagine how you must feel, especially with things like your photos and keepsakes. I hope the water stains come out of your clothes and shoes, and you haven't lost too much. Fingers crossed. :( You must be devastated. x PS. You look lovely in that dress.

  7. Oh dear hun, I am really sorry to hear about your water damage. i do hope things dry out for you.


    x x

  8. I had a house fire a few years ago and everything seemed smoke damaged but I managed to salvage most things with a good clean so I hope the same is true for you xxx

  9. Oh no, that's so awful Char! Hopefully you'll be able to sort something out with the insurance :( But you look really amazing in this outfit though if that's any consolation?! The dress is gorgeous - I hope the water stains come out

  10. That's terrible!!! I hope that things are not as bad as they currently look! You probably know this but try to put screwed up newspaper inside the shoes as they dry as it helps them dry quicker and retain their shape!x

  11. Oh no, that is the last thing you want! Hopefully you can salvage some of your things :(

    Maria xxx

  12. So awful to hear about this Char, hope some of it can be salvaged and you're having some luck with the insurance company. It's still so gutting though, as some things just can't be replaced. Hope you're okay! xxx

  13. I've been working back thru' your posts; so sorry to hear about this awfulness.
    It seems to be getting better by what you've written, but still a God-awful blow to arrive home to.
    I know I'm a zillion miles away, but if I can help in any way?? Y'know, sending a dozen pairs of new knickers in the post or something!
    I'm asked Mr B to ask Michael, their shoe guy, for any tips on watermarked shoes. Never know, he might have some gems of info!
    Z xx

  14. Oh what a terrible thing to come home to, I hope everything's dried out by now...

  15. Oh no, that's just awful. Our washing machine flooded our flat at Uni when I was home alone years ago but thankfully nothing was ruined, other than a very wet carpet for a few days. Oh I hate to think of all your pretty things wrecked and your Christmas shopping. That dress is absolutely gorgeous btw.