Thursday, 14 November 2013

It's a game of give and take..

Skirt: Forever 21
Blouse: Brag Vintage* // Jumper: Oasap*
Glitter heels: New Look
I couldn't quite decide whether this jumper was going to be good or not. I decided to take the plunge and order it, though. I'm always a little wary of clothes which say "one size"; particularly when they're coming from a country whose average size is a lot smaller than mine. I'm glad I did decide to, as I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I love that it's quite a mustardy yellow tone; one of my favourite shades for Autumn. Then, all I had to decide was what to wear it with..

I'm not very good at the whole "collars under jumpers" look, but it's something which some other bloggers seem to do so well (Claire, Robyn, Kate, I'm looking at you) so I dragged this recent blouse out again and layered it underneath, as it's quite a thin fabric. I'm often too warm when I try to layer things up; I have no idea what's wrong with my internal thermostat, but I'm one of those people who can't sleep unless the window is open.

I've never been too sure about this skirt, but for some reason I've hung onto it, and actually I've worn it quite a lot (for me). I do have a fondness for things which have tie waists. Especially when they are nice and long so that you can tie them so that the bow ends up being underneath the bottom of your jumper, rather than just making you look super bulky.

These gold shoes certainly helped keep me out of the puddles this morning. I was tempted to dig out one of my vintage fur coats, but I'm glad I didn't, based on the amount of rain I had to hurry through at lunchtime as I popped into town. I'd have soaked it all up.

Looking at the photos, I quite like this outfit as a work-friendly one, but I'm definitely going to have to change before going out for dinner later. I don't feel dressed up enough in a jumper, somehow.


  1. That jumper really is a good 'un x

  2. Absolutely love that jumper; the print and colour are gorgeous. I'm the same when it comes to being warm and needing to sleep with the window open. I hate being too warm, and my family think I'm nuts. I can't even bare long sleeved cardis for long yet!

  3. Ohh what an amazing jumper! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. I love the jumper - such a great colour! :)