Monday, 18 November 2013

Somewhere only we know..

Dress: Louche "Julita-Country Dress"// Shoes: New Look
Coat: vintage
Earrings: OASAP
Cardigan: Matalan
After posting about the most recent additions to my wardrobe, I couldn't wait to get wearing some of them and wasted no time in teaming this Louche dress with a grey cardigan which seemed to tone down the quirky print for a few worky meetings, but also add these gold glitter heels which took me happily from the office to a meal out on Friday evening with my friend and some of the girls from her ranger unit. Yes, I've finally dug the fur coats out of their hiding place - the weather is supposed to be taking a turn for the worse this week, and I really needed it on Friday evening as it was freezing!

I thought I'd try and make an effort to finish off my outfit properly by adding these earrings. I seem to have built up quite the collection of earrings over the years and yet looking back at my outfit posts over the past few months it's clear that I've been forgetting about them, so I'm trying a little harder to remember to add them to an outfit. No point having them if I'm not going to actually wear them, is there?

Speaking of sensible attitudes to wearing the things I already have, I seem to have been completely favouring sensible purchases over the past few days as well. (Probably a good thing considering how many new clothes I've bought recently). Forget pretty dresses, all I've been interested in is finishing off my Christmas shopping. I have managed to replace some of the things which I'd bought but which later got ruined in the flood, and for those things which were one-offs or vintage and therefore not possible to replace, I've been trying to think of something else.

I'm wondering about getting my sister one of these Diana F+ cameras. There seems to be quite a few on this site, but I love the Adam and Eve one. Have you tried them? Are they good? She's a nightmare to buy for, if I'm honest, so I'm always looking for something a little out of the ordinary.


  1. You really have the best ever dress collection Char and you always look stunning xx

  2. Char you look so elegant here, love it!

    Maria xxx

  3. The earrings really do make the outfit! Lovely!

  4. This dress is so lovely! The earrings are unusual, very nice though, I rarely remember to change my earrings.

  5. Beautiful dress, and the coat looks sooo cosy! I've heard we're meant to have the worst winter since 1947, with months and months of snow showers and freezing temperatures. Though I'm sure they say that every year! Glad I have my new coat and a new hat, though, in case they're right!

    You must be so gutted about having to re do your Christmas shopping, and especially losing the one off finds. I would be. When I want to get something a little bit different, I usually end up in Camden Lock Market, where the small businesses sell amazing handmade jewellery, scarves, vintage things, and other unusual things.I guess Etsy would be a good place to browse, too! xx

  6. Looking ever so glam with your hair up and those wonderful earrings.
    Howzabout an earrings post?
    Z xx

  7. Those earrings are amazing, love the blue! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Another gorgeous outfit...I'm a bit behind so have missed the flood story, but it sounds dreadful. Poor you! Only 5 weeks until Christmas-I don't feel organised enough.

  9. Those earrings are very cool & love that coat
    atelier zozo