Monday, 9 December 2013

Always keep your heart locked tight..

 'Oz' Heels: Irregular Choice
Train dress: Cath Kidston
Jumper: H! by Henry Holland

I'm not sure how festive this one scores in the Christmas jumper stakes, but it's fairly wintry and it goes with my shoes, today and I hadn't worn it yet, so wanted to give it a try, and now will be linking it up to this campaign which I've discovered Westfield are running for Save the Children.

I really liked this jumper when I bought it in Leeds, and yet, since then I haven't worn it. I think that sometimes I seem to go through phases. Likewise, when they first arrived I wasn't so sure about these chaussures. But rediscovering those this morning made me think about just how tinselly they are. Maybe I am getting sucked into this "Christmas spirit" thing, after all...?

An anonymous comment on yesterday's post got me thinking quite a bit about blogging and "bragging". Apparently, my posts about my shoe purchases come across that way, which I have to say, I've never intended. I guess the whole concept of "I bought this and wanted to share information about it" could be considered a bit materialistic, bu is it any different to posting pictures of anything on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc? (I've left Pinterest off that list as I suppose that one is more about "I've seen this photo and want / like it" with other people's photos).

There is a school of thought which would suggest that the whole posting photos of your outfits, buys, new make up etc thing is bragging. But doesn't all of that fall under this new umbrella of "sharing". Instagram is fondly known as the app for sharing photos of your dinner. Brands encourage us to share things, to get their products covering a wider area and a lot of brands seem to be doing this well - i.e seeing results based on sharing a lot of things, a lot of times.

I'm not entirely sure how the Facebook thing works, but isn't that all about "sharing links", so that other people can read or watch what you've just seen or enjoyed, as well?

Is blogging, then just another form of sharing things? Is it different because it's about a blogger sharing what they have / like / saw, instead of a brand or magazine or a celebrity doing it via Twitter?

Personally, if I've snapped up a bargain, or seen a good offer, or a pretty dress, I like to write about it here and share with other people who may also like to take advantage of the same thing. I kind of (and I'm not sure if this is naive of me - perhaps it is) assume that the type of people who read my blog, which makes no secret of the fact that it's about clothes, shoes, outfits, and a few of the other things which make up my lifestyle, would be the sort of people who would enjoy those things.

If not, fair enough, but what brought them there in the first place? I don't advertise my blog anywhere (other than posting links to new posts on Twitter, sometimes) and so I'm not assuming that many people would read it, if they don't share a common interest. I get a lot of search results from people looking for keywords of shoe or clothes brands, so I can see that they would share a common interest, and perhaps they searched a particular model of shoe because they wanted to find out some more about it, or see photos of how it looks on, before they buy it, or whatever.

In short, I'm not put off by the comment. I haven't really taken it to heart, other than as a bit of a thinking point. I like to shop. I like to find new brands, and new products and if I want to spend some of my hard-earned money on the things I like, then I think that's fair enough. I have never been in debt, never had a credit card and never spent money I haven't got, as that's something which I wouldn't be comfortable with (despite the fact that society would suggest that puts me in the minority).

I don't therefore feel that I have to justify myself to anyone and will continue to post about the things I like, have bought, or wish for, as I always have. In the same way as I'd never judge anyone who liked make up or to post about beauty products, as that's not something which particularly interests me, I wouldn't expect to be judged for the things I like. I don't drink, smoke, or have any other particularly expensive habits. And at least shoes give you something tangible at the end of it.


  1. Bragging??? What a strange thing to say. I'd never thought of you or any of the other fashion bloggers (or for that matter any of the other bloggers who "show and tell") as braggers. I think you've summed it up really well, it's all about sharing and I, for one, love seeing what people have bought, are wearing and making.. It's your money and you can spend it how you want for Gawd's sake! I'm glad you haven't taken silly comments to heart. Love the CK dress and the green jumper. I bought a cute one for my daughter yesterday in TU (25% off) blue with a a fawn on the front. Very tempted to pinch it off her! Carry on sharing, Char. xx

  2. I think blogging is - or can be - quite materialistic and I think it would be easy for a blog to become an excuse for a shopping addiction. I don't get that sense from you at all, I should say! I don't think you've ever bragged. In fact, one of the charms of your blog is your self-deprecating wit, so I think the anonymous commenter was off-beam there. I certainly do think it would be possible for a blog to become an exercise in bragging, and that's why I don't read some of the very big blogs, but I really don't think that's the case with you. As Lou said above - carry on sharing! xxx

  3. Some people just can't help but say mean things. If they don't like your shoe posts they should shut up and stop reading. I'm glad you're not bothered by the comment, as you say, what you buy is up to you and any way, your blog is about so much more than just shoes. That said today's shoes are awesome!

  4. People can go do one. Seriously.

    Less seriously (but still serious) I need those shoes! xo

  5. How odd! Bragging? We all come here to salivate over your pretty dresses and shoes! It's just something you do because you like/love these things- they are part of your lifestyle not for any other purpose. Oh well, Anon is entitled to an opinion even if we don't agree with him/her.

  6. I've never once thought that you brag here on your blog... and so what if you did, it's YOUR blog! I love reading blogs like yours and seeing what you're wearing or have bought... Blogging this way isn't really all that different than sharing your purchases with your girlfriends, when you think about it! We ooh and aah, and want to know where it came from, where can I get one NOW, and how much! We like to share the things we love with people who share the same enthusiasm, and there's nothing wrong with that! You work hard for your money, and you're entitled to spend it on what you want! Just tell anybody who says otherwise to do one! If they don't like it, they don't have to read it. It's probably just jealousy at the end of the day.

    Oh, and before I go- I LOVE those shoes! I want a pair of glittery emerald shoes so badly! They're to die for! xx

  7. I really agree with your comments on this Char, I do find the initial comment strange though. Like... at what point is blogging bragging, unless you start getting a bit arrogant about the perks of blogging? At the end of the day most things that people blog about are things they've spent their hard earned cash on. And sure, I realise that blogging has it's materialistic aspects, but everyone's materialistic in one way or another. Who is judging whether it's 'better' to spend your money on certain things than others? I don't know about you but the whole reason I started my blog was not to brag about my slightly ridiculous wardrobe (in some ways I'm ashamed to have so many clothes, it's probably a bit of an addiction) -it was because I wanted to share my interests with likeminded people. People that also get a bit overexcited at the thought of a dress with an animal print on it, because I'd not met anyone like that really outside of the internet. I'd read blogs for years before I started one and never once thought of them as 'bragging' - just as inspiration. I also agree with you about the inexpensive habits - my friends often half-joke to me that I spend all my money on clothes/shoes, etc, but the fact is that I spend my wages on what I like and I like the thought of buying pretty things that make me happy far moreso than I like the idea of spending it on cider and nights I don't remember. I love your wonderful blog, because you have the most amazing wardrobe and have inspired me countless times to try new things!

    In other news.. I love your outfit! xxx

  8. I enjoy your blog very much and you have turned me on to a couple of cool dresses and some shoes that I did end up buying ,so some of us out here are diggin' on what you do very much. I also like seeing how you put things together and hearing tid bits about your life. It's fun! And the times you are down I root for you because we have all been there the same.You are appreciated sweet girl :-)XO

  9. i'm new here, but thus far, i don't find you to be the bragging sort. you seem very down to earth type gal with an affinity for fun and cool stuff and you look gorgeous in your outfits that you share with us! i say keep on being who you are and those of us who really support you will gladly share comments and compliments to build you up and make sure you know how much we appreciate your posts! so thanks for continuing to share your fun self with us out here in the world! :)