Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Be more like fire than a firefly..

fluffy crop tee: Topshop
heart brooch: gift from (and handmade by) Sarah

skirt: choies*
shoes: faith
clutch bag: Marks and Spencer

I was in two minds about whether or not to post these photos. I think when I ordered this skirt, I'd planned for it to look different, in my head. I love the colour and the taffeta material, maybe I just need to wear it higher up; I'm not sure about the length / volume combination. I think that perhaps the top is the same, as in I thought it would be a little longer, which would make me more comfortable in it. Clearly I wouldn't wear this combination out of the house, as I don't like the gap between top and skirt, but I like the colours together and this little heart brooch is a perfect match, along with some old favourite shoes.

This fluffy top was a little purchase I made in Bath at the weekend. Recently I'm ever so drawn to texture and love this tinsel-feel fabric (like my FCUK dress, I guess) and - of course- the sparkle. The clutch bag was a purchase of necessity in Bath on Saturday as well, as the clutch I'd been carrying all day was falling apart pretty badly, and I needed something to take out with me that night. I usually forget to think of Marks and Spencer for accessories, but I love the quirky chunky little boxy shape of this, as well as the weave texture. It's plenty big enough for all of the essentials.

I've been quite worried about the tortoise over the past day or two, he doesn't seem very well so we are off to the vets this afternoon. Hope they can sort him out. :(


  1. I love this combo, the skirt looks way nicer on that the blue one did on the hanger. I think a little midriff is good too x

  2. Oh Char I LOVE IT. Looks amazing on you!

  3. The top and skirt are a perfect combination. A cheeky peep of midriff looks so cute! x

  4. I (predictably) absolutely love this, and am gutted that the top is old out in my size! I have the turquoise version of this skirt and can't wait to wear it, but I'm a sucker for massive skirts, so I'm a little biased!

  5. I (predictably) absolutely love this, and have just headed over to Topshop to see if the top is still available in my size (it isn't: boo!). I have the blue version of this skirt and can't wait to wear it, but I tend to take a "the bigger, the better" approach to skirts, so I'm a little bit biased!

  6. that is the most amazing skirt ever x

  7. Ohh it's absolutely gorgeous! If they had a slightly bigger size I'd be snapping that up! I hope your tortoise gets better soon, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. I'm all for the little peek of belly.Its really cute.Totally wear this out,you look amazing.:-)

  9. I think you look absolutely amazing! The skirt is probably one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, and it looks great with the crop top, and those shoes! I think a little flash of midriff looks cute! :)