Thursday, 5 December 2013

Catch me as I fall..

Glitter Whisper Strappy Dress: French Connection
Stud Detail Shoe Boots: Charity Shop (similar studded shoe boots here)
Bug Collar Necklace: Topshop
I fell in love with this dress when I was in London with Sarah and Rosie a few weeks back. I managed to talk myself out of it, using various reasons (it's too pricey, I have nowhere to wear it, it won't suit me, etc etc) and did not buy it.

For a few weeks.

Then, I went into my local store, which is pretty tiny, and they had a picture of it on the wall, but not in stock. There was, the sales assistant told me, however, a huge % off promotion running, but it finished at midnight. I ummed and ahhed for a few hours, and then a rather lovely person ordered it for me, mostly to shut me up, I think. I was over the moon when it arrived and once I'd actually gathered up the courage to have a huge trying-on session, I couldn't wait for a chance to wear it.

And, a chance I got, on Sunday evening when I was given about five minutes to get ready for an impromptu evening out. Although it's a little low at the front for my liking, I wore a collar necklace and these studded heels to try and 'tough it up' a little. I also realised that due to the large bow detail at the back, it's impossible to wear a cardigan with this dress without looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not that it really mattered, though, as I had a coat with me and it was nice and warm in the restaurant.

To get around that in future, though, I'm wondering about layering it over a top or something, like they have here on the website, and finishing it off with something like this gold and jet necklace from Jon Richard..Do you think it would work?


  1. I've got a strappy smock dress that is a bit see through and low so I pop a t-shirt under it and wear it with boots and a satchel to dress it down. I like the way it's style in that photo. Go for it! You can always tweet me a photo when you have it on so I can give you a second opinion xx

  2. That dress is such perfection Char! x

  3. You need a shrug for that dress and problem solved! You look beautiful in it though.Try etsy.They have ammaaazing things vintage and handmade.XO

  4. you look like a princess Char, so pretty x

  5. That dress is amazing! I'm in love. Yes, I think it would work over a t-shirt. Everyone used to wear dresses that way in the nineties and nineties style is back, so you'll look really on trend, too xx