Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Favourites 073..

001: Adele Prom Dress, £82, Weekend Doll
002: French Connection Shimmer Shower Sequin Midi Dress, £125
003: Topshop Stripe Prom Dress, £80
004: Truth or Dare Mullner Heels, £60

This week, everything on my wishlist is less colourful that I'd usually go for. I'm not sure why, I wasn't going for a theme or anything.

001: This dress caught my eye when I stumbled onto the Weekend Doll site.I really like the polka dot net layer at the top of the bodice, and of course, I'm a sucker for a Peter Pan collar. The style reminds me of the party dresses we would have when we were little - usually two very similar ones, bought for my sister and I by my Nan (invariably from BHS or M+S) and we'd look the same, but different. It always used to frustrate me how often we'd be asked if we were twins when we were in primary school. (We're not).

002: This French Connection beauty has been on my radar for a little while now, but I'd sort of stored it away in the memory bank due to the price. Now that it's on sale at half price, I'm seriously tempted, although part of me thinks it's not really a colour which lends itself to Winter months, so would I be better waiting until early next year to get it - if it's still in stock?

003: I fell for this dress as soon as I saw Sarah post it on Instagram - it looks lovely on her! I'm rather glad to see more Topshop dress shapes coming in which I like, it's about time we moved on from the unflattering smock trend!

004: I've been umming and ahhing over these shoes for quite some time now. I know I must have polka dot shoes already, that's not the issue. I have just a bit of a weird thing about these tiny peeptoe fronts, and am kind of convinced they look strange on me and don't suit me. Again, these are on sale at half price, so I'm wondering about them once again.

What are you wishing for this week?


  1. I am wishing for some sleep. Don't think I can buy that though, more's the pity :(

  2. Lovely items! The second dress is gorgeous and I love the shoes! :)

  3. Ohh the Topshop dress is so stunning, I'd snap that up if I had somewhere to wear it!

    Jennie xo |

  4. I love that Adele one but think the 16 might be a bit tight on the bust :( I'm with Alex, I need some sleep!

  5. lovely blog :)

  6. I love the first dress; it's beautiful! My Mum used to dress my (3 years) younger sister and I in some matching pieces when we were little, too, and I hated it. Why do parents do that? It especially creeps me out when parents try to dress their twins identically all the time.

    I think the shoes are gorgeous! The peep toe would look cute with colourful nails peeking through. Get them! x