Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Last minute treats..

Are you all ready and set for Christmas?


I'd planned to meet up with a friend who is a bit obsessed with After Eight chocolates, so when I saw this recipe for After Eight Brownies on Nelly's Cupcakes, I had to give it a go and take her a box to go with her presents.

The recipe is so easy:
  • I melted 400g of dark chocolate with 400g butter over a low heat, and whisked up 6 eggs with 500g sugar whilst it melted. I also weighed out 230g flour, 2tsp baking powder and 1tsp salt, to be added last. 
  • I mixed the sugar and eggs into the pan, and then added the pan of mix to the flour mixture and stirred it in.
  • I poured half of the mix into a foil-lined tray, laid a packet of After Eight mints over the top and then covered them with the rest of the mixture. I cooked the brownies for about 25mins at 180C and they came out a little crispy on the bottom and still chewy, just-about-set in the middle.
 Let me know if you give these a go. I've already had word from my friend that she loved them, which is nice to hear, since I thought of her as soon as I saw the recipe.

My Christmas Eve has been full of carol singing, visiting friends and delivering presents. I am still feeling so ill, I really wish this was all over and I could just go and curl up in a dark room where the pains in my head and my stomach wouldn't be so bad.


  1. I'm writing this sitting under the blankie on the bed with a heavy-purring Rene cat, having really hit a brick wall. Totally zonked, so I get where you are coming from!
    Those brownies look amazing; think I was cooking to feed the 5000 yesterday. Just the stuffing, which I'll probably make while the turkey's cooking tomorrow, and the brandy butter to do, (butter softening off near a radiator).
    Hope you feel a lot better soon and have the opportunity to be pampered for a day or 2.
    Merry Christmas!
    Z xx

  2. Oh my gosh,your tiny measuring cup is the cutest thing on the planet.This has been a particularly lonely and depressing time for me but I just want to say that your little cup photo made me smile inside because there are people out there( such as you) that are just plain neat. Thanks for that!XO a million