Saturday, 28 December 2013

Little princess in a terrible mess..

Dress: Miso (Republic)
Boots: Cara Shoes
Cardigan: Primark
Just about the only good thing about having to move everything out of the flat before the repairs took place, was that in the midst of moving and reorganising things in the wardrobe room, I found a few things hiding away which I'd forgotten about. These boots, for example. I bought them in the Cara sale years ago and I'm not convinced I can have worn them more than once or twice.

Despite being a huge fan of heels, sometimes one of my more casual outfits calls for a pair of flat shoes or boots. The print on this knitted Miso dress makes me think of this song as it seems to be of princesses and castles and randomly, giraffes. I'm not convinced it flatters me at all, but the cute print has meant it's made it through many a wardrobe cull, so far.

It seemed to work well enough for a dress-down Friday, I guess. Tell me I'm not the only one who finds things they've totally forgotten about in their wardrobes..?


  1. Oh I like that print, very interesting, lots to look at.

  2. Yes, sometimes I find things long forgotten about! Love your pink boots x