Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Show and Tell..

Ooh, November, you've been a pretty full month, haven't you?


Our Guides' monster theme weekend went rather well - one of the things we made during our time there was decorate monster cupcakes. Unfortunately, I came home to find this had happened to the flat whilst I'd been away....

Water everywhere due to a broken boiler.
coffee machine penguins!

The following weekend I went to London, and was mightily impressed by the window displays in John Lewis. I have to admit I rather like their advert this year, but I don't quite understand why anyone would be moved to tears by it...? I bought some clothes, restricted myself to just the one pair of shoes from the Irregular Choice store, and bought a selection of pretty plates from Anthropologie.  The next day was Remembrance Sunday, and we were part of the parade.



The weekend after that? Alex was staying nearby, so I went to visit her (as well as meeting up with her for a trip to the ballet!) and she brought me the awesome new gym trousers she'd very kindly picked up from her local store for me.

We went exploring to a local National Trust property, which involved traipsing through apples and leaves in the gardens, and I was in awe of the amazing greenhouse - if only I could get the allotment looking something like that...

I did some more shopping - managed to find THE perfect dress for Christmas day, as well as picking up some total bargains from eBay. Sequins!


I met my Nana in town for some coffee and shopping, and the biggest piece of cake I've ever known. I couldn't finish half of this. But she bought me a rather wonderful sparkly present.

We had a stall at a local Xmas fair, and felt a little bit hipster with our lemonade in jam jars, with paper straws.

And I received a lovely parcel of books as part of the Blogger Book Swap which Rosie organised. Can't wait to start reading - I still have a few books to tick off before I've read 52 in 52 (there's a tab dedicated to that list, along the top of the blog) and I'm determined to make it by the end of the year.

 What did your November look like? 


  1. Ohh what a beautiful ring! And that is an enormous slice of cake, I don't think even I could eat all of that and when it comes to cake I can eat a lot ;) haha

    Jennie xo |

  2. Mine was busy and procrastinatory!!! Yours sounds rather good but ohhhhh, the poor flat!!!!x