Saturday, 21 December 2013

Sale vs Spree..

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I don't read many magazines anymore, but one of the things I remember enjoying when I got my subscription to whichever-magazine-I'd-been-into-at-the-time were the features with two very similar items, where the price of one would make your eyes water, but it would tell you where you could pick up something similar from the high street at a fraction of the cost. I can't recall the name of them, but probably something like Style vs Steal, or Budget vs Bargain etc etc.

This came back to me as I was having a bit of a browse on the Choies site recently. I've picked out a few things which are similar to things I've seen elsewhere, but with a more pocket-friendly price tag.

001: This is the same skirt I've recently worn here in the red, which is now available in several new colours. This purple reminds me of the Marina skirt recently release on Tara Starlet. 

002: With the spikes and red soles, I think it's fairly obvious what these shoes are trying to copy..I guess they may be a good idea until maybe one day I can justify the real thing.

003: I knew I recognised this owl face jumper, but it took me a little while to remember where I'd seen it before. Just like this Emma Cook one, no?

004: Annoyingly, these shoes don't seem to be available on the site anymore. I'm assuming it's because they've all sold out (or possibly got into trouble) - they had a version of every one of the Zodiac signs on there at one point - pretty uncanny, no?

005: There seem to be quite a collection of these bags on the site as well. I can't figure out if this is actually the same Jump from Paper one, or not, as they even have the same name...

Have you spotted anything like this, lately? How do you feel about bargain versions of the more pricey brands? I'm sort of undecided as to how closely I think the lines blur with the "fake debate".


  1. great post! i dont read magazines now either, why pay for them when u can ready great blogs for free! :) merry xmas hun! xx

  2. Id love that owl jumper! I love my cartoon bag but I think the small ones are not big enough to for things into! X