Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday Shoes 030: Dorothy Perkins silver sandals..


These silver Dorothy Perkins heels are by far my eBay bargain of the year. I'm not even sure what it was I was searching for, but I sort of stumbled across them by mistake and as they were close to finishing with no bids on them, I thought I may as well place a little bid. I was successful, winning them for a whole 25p.

Yes, really. 25 English pence.

I could barely believe it when they arrived and they don't look scuffed, messy or even worn, at all. What a fab pair of party shoes. I do have a pair of silver Irregular Choice heels already, but they have been worn a lot and are all scuffed up and scratched, so maybe these will make a good replacement.


  1. What a bargain! I was so surprised at how much I wore my silver shoes. These ones are lovely - an excellent addition to your collection.

  2. I love your shoes! What a great score!They have just the right amount of retro with a nice modern heel.Just about perfect.XO

  3. Wow! Why would anybody sell shoes for just 25p? Madness, but fantastic for you as they're gorgeous! x