Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The beasts won't stop 'til we're dead..

Bellfield Kirkwood Animal Print Tee : Joy
Necklace: OASAP
Shorts: Red Herring @ Debenhams // Hat: River Island

On Sunday I wanted to wear something a little bit casual, as my plans only involved shuffling into town and working in the shop for a few hours, which gave me a chance to catch up with some of my letter-writing and finish off two more of the books I wanted to read - I am creeping ever closer to the 52 I'd hoped to read in 2013!

I'd been hoping for a chance to wear my new necklace - I'm trying to build up my collection of chunky, colourful necklaces to finish off my outfits. It seems to make more sense to me to have plain jumpers and necklaces which I can combine as I like, rather than something like this Topshop one, which had caught my eye last week. I rather like how it's colours work with the print of this woodland t-shirt, as well.

This week has started off fairly busy: the run-up to Christmas has certainly begun - and at Guides last night we found out we have an extra week because the church isn't going to be ready (building work is  happening) in time for the carol service we'd had planned. This means I need to have an extra week's worth of activities planned. I'm thinking I'm going to make bird feeders with them. In the past we've done strings of monkey nuts, but I'm wondering about something like these coconut feeders. Any ideas what is best?

Joy Competition
Speaking of Joy, have you seen this competition? Click on the picture to enter - although I'd rather you didn't as I'd quite like to win this myself..


  1. Love the print on your tee, so lovely <3

  2. Just wanted to let you know that my Secret Santa package from Canada has been mailed, but please tell the recipient that it will be a long time getting there. Canada Post isn't what it used to be!

  3. I've ummed and ahed over that deer jumper for a while but decided it was too much money to spend! Hope you are well Char x
    Love the blue hat by the way and the top is really sweet!x

  4. I love that top! So cute.

    I sold bird care things for a while working in a pet shop, and those coconut suet type feeders sold like crazy. Garden birds go nuts for them- especially in the winter when they need fattening up. Whenever we've put some out in the garden, the birds have stripped them bare in a day or two, so they're a safe bet! x

  5. Pretty miss,you have single handedly inspired me to wear shorts which I have avoided like the plague my whole life! I love how you've integrated them into your wardrobe.In fact I did buy a pair...and cute tights to wear with them as well.I'm pretty excited to get them in the mail!Thank you!XO!