Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bicycle racing..

Dress: Great Plains
Bag: Moony Mood
Cardigan: H+M
Heels: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: River Island

I seem to be accidentally on purpose building up quite the collection of bike print clothing. This Great Plains Velo dress was something I first spotted in a tiny boutique in Aberdovey, an absolute age ago, but I kept an eye on it and checked the sale they've had recently, not really expecting it to still be available. How wrong I was; I managed to snap it up for just £19! Just like my skirt version, it's beautifully made in lovely fabric, and the shape is so nice.

Given it's low neckline, I needed a necklace and once I'd gone for this green and silver crystal one, I decided to carry the silver theme through the rest of the outfit, with my shoes and cardigan. I've been feeling rather drawn to my grey tights lately as well,  which I thought went nicely with the grey bike print.

This week really does seem to have been passing by in a blur. As does the whole month, really. I'm not doing too well on my 2014 goals, but I've just received a Polar heart rate monitor, which I'm hoping will give me the push I need to lose this weight I've been wanting to get rid of for so long.


  1. This looks lovely on you. I get so much wear from my skirt in this print. Don't be too hard on yourself about your 2014 goals, still got 11 months to complete them xx

  2. Can we have a closeup of the necklace please?! Can't really see it in these shots!
    You look lovely in this outfit but WHY Char, why did you have to put a link to the dress and imply that it is still available! I am currently sitting here with the window open, hovering above the Add to basket button!!! And it's YOUR fault I will soon own a Poppy England dress!! Bad bad person!xx ;-)

  3. What size did you buy? And what size are you? I'm not sure whether to go for XS or S? We look a similar size to me!

  4. Lovely dress Char, it looks so sweet on you :) x

  5. I think it's really important to just feel good about what you have accomplished and let those triumphs,no matter how small you imagine,inspire you to carry on to the next ones.Go easy on yourself. You are such a nice and generous person! We can't always be the powerhouses that we imagine we should be but don't let that keep you from being proud of what you do and are already!Believe me, I learned this lesson from beating myself up for years and years. Life is so much better and more fun now that I allow myself to celebrate me on a daily basis ( it's always a little challenge for sure),and I wish myself a Happy Birthday every day that I wake up and let myself be new. XO Beauty! :-)

  6. Ohh such a beautiful dress, it looks wonderful on you! <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. I'm in love with this dress! It really is perfect on you! I'm particularly loving the colour; I wish more clothes were dark green.

    I can't believe how quickly January has passed. It feels like it'll be Christmas again in no time. Don't worry about not achieving many of your goals so far; everybody puts way too much pressure on themselves each January, but there's a whole other 11 months left to get round to them. I think January is a tough month because we're all skint and battling those January blues. xx

  8. Fun dress, and a lovely shade of green. :)