Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday Favourites 077..

This week, I have to admit I sort of struggled to put a list together. I say a list, yes, literally two things. I'm not sure whether it's the fact that most of the dresses I've seen have been only ok, or than now I'm sewing my own again, I'm not too fussed about buying new, or what. My bank balance no doubt thanks me for the lack of spending, though..

001: Ollie and Nic Apple Bag, £40
Grove Rose Shorts
002: Cath Kidston Grove Rose Shorts, £38
 001: This is just a bit of shameless copycatting. I hadn't even seen this bag until Sarah told me she'd bought one, but I really love it - how very cute! I really love the way it's a woven finish, to give it that cute, summery, picnic basket look. I hope she doesn't mind me copying her..

002: I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some of the new Cath Kidston SS14 items; namely the safari print. However, these have made it onto the website, and  you know I never say no to a pair of floral shorts. There's no such thing as too many, is there?

Has anything caught your eye this week, as all of the new things seem to be hitting the sites..?


  1. Why are the shops so BORING at the moment? I don't get it! No-one seems to be able to find anything nice to buy.

  2. The bag is really awesome *-* And I love the shorts :3

  3. there is an ollie and nic shop in the new st. davids shopping centre in cardiff, and each time i pass it i swoon over THAT bag"! its so kitsch and cute i just love it!! xx

  4. Okay, that's the cutest bag I've ever seen!! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. I love the apple bag, it's really cute! I would love to see more quirky items like that in the shop. I went shopping yesterday and nothing caught my eye :-( but that's probably just as well, I overspent on christmas shopping and i need to save up! boooo x

  6. That has got to be the cutest bag ever! I'm struggling to find much at the moment, not that I'm really looking. I have found a few nice pre-loved things on eBay but I'm not sure that counts...

  7. That bag is gorgeous. I think Modcloth had or have a similar one. I love the pattern on the shorts, and I'm so excited for CK's SS14 prints. I've seen safari, patchwork, teacups, and a few others leaked, and I hear there's also a hedgehog print on its wa this season! I hope it's as cute as it sounds! xx