Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Favourites 079..

Boden SS14 Wishlist
My Boden SS14 Wishlist

I've been pleasantly surprised with some of the SS14 collection from Boden. Whilst I have to admit I haven't shopped with them for quite a while, I know this is going to change very soon. I'm impressed with the colours, the shapes and the pretty pieces from a company I'd at one point dismissed as being a bit "mumsy".

Here are the things I'm absolutely definitely going to be adding to my wardrobe before too long:

001: This Rainy Day Mac comes in loads of colours, but the stripes have stolen my heart. Every magazine and press release I've read lately has been telling me that colour is in, and what could be more colourful and cheerful when the rain is pouring than this?! Be mine, pretty rain mac!

002 and 004: Flat shoes are practical, right? These pointed slingbacks win bonus points for being both practical and cute. I can't decide which colour I want. I really like the almond shaped front; not too pointy, but enough to make them a little more fancy than the regular boring ballet pump. The yellow are just about my favourite at the moment, although I love the striped pair, and the turquoise patent, argh.

003: This landscape print Nancy dress just basically makes me want to go on holiday. The colours are amazing, the print is amazing. The only thing which isn't amazing is that I have to wait until April for it to be available.

Has anything caught your eye in the latest Boden collection?


  1. Those flat sling backs and the rainy day mac. only question is which colour way will I get.

    I'm loving a slightly more pointy toe shoes at the moment.

  2. I love the dress! The shoe are cute as well, but a bit out of my budget (because I'd probably only end up wearing them a few times...)

    Liz xx

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  3. Love the dress! It's so pretty. I always assumed Boden was mostly country smart-casual type wear, like Joules. My colleagues and customers in the Cotswolds were always raving about them, but I never had a look for myself.. I shall have to find out more now! :)