Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I want to be like a fairy princess..

skirt: New Look
'Home Sweet Home' blouse: Great Plains
cardigan: New Look
shoes: Irregular Choice

Sometimes I'm not quite sure what makes me think a particular outfit combination is a good idea. Like, when I ordered this blouse I has thought I'd only wear it with shorts.

Then, I picked up this skirt in the New Look sale for all of a fiver (I don't think I'll ever be able to walk past a fairy skirt!) and had them in a pile of clothes "to be put away". Seeing them together made me think that perhaps they would work together. I tried to match the heels to the blouse and pick out the colour of the sun on the blouse with this long cardigan.

I think it sort of worked, although I did keep having to smooth down my skirt all day, as it had a tendency to try and smoosh out in horizontal fashion. I was reminded somewhat of my college days, where I'd wear mostly tulle net skirts or dresses, over various layers, which on one occasion led to the nickname Tinkerbell when I arrived at a guide camp straight from college. Given that it was a pirate theme camp, I didn't see anything wrong with it. In fact, that is still what I'm called by my Rangers.


  1. That skirt is perfect! I've been all about wearing oversized sweaters with fancier skirts/dresses like this lately. I think it makes winter a bit more tolerable...hehe.

  2. Such a beautiful skirt! I love fairy skirts too, the nickname is amazing! Would love to see some throwback outfits to tulle skirt days, it sounds amazing xxx

  3. The fairy skirt is adorable lol, I wouldnt have been able to walk past it either! As for what makes a good outfit, I feel like I'm constantly changing and remixing things in ways I never thought could work, its part of the fun. Cute look!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. Ha ha!!! You are definitely a fairy dress type!x

  5. aw, lovely skirt! Tinkerbell is such a lovely nickname x

  6. I love the skirt! What a bargain! I think tulle skirts look fantastic dressed up or down, and I love how you've styled it here. Burgundy and cream is one of my most favourite winter colour combinations; it just works so well! x