Sunday, 19 January 2014

I'll take you to the candy shop..

Hat: River Island // Boots, tights: Primark
Beatrice Sweetshop Print dress: Poppy England
Jumper: George @ Asda // Heart bag: Topshop
Floral Fur Coat: OASAP*
A crisp morning last Sunday meant I could take the opportunity to wear my floral fur coat once more, to head into town for breakfast with a friend. I also took the opportunity to channel Kate's cute outfit style with a pair of coloured tights. I'm making an effort to wear my way through some of the things I already own. It's surprising how much I'd forgotten about.This heart-shaped handbag was another thing!

I'd been waiting for an opportunity to wear this Poppy England dress for a while. After first spotting it and adding it to a wishlist post a little while back, I thought I'd totally lucked out when I managed to pick it up in a sample sale a few days later for half price. I subsequently bought the other dress on my wishlist, directly from the website, because it made it's way into the sale as well - it arrived before the sample sale order did.

Sarah and I ordered one each of the sweetshop print dress and when they eventually arrived, hers had to be sent back due to a broken zip. I wish I'd checked mine at the same time, as the zip on this one is faulty too but I feel as though it's too late to try and do anything about it (hence layering it up with a jumper until I get chance to replace it).

It was bad enough having to wait almost three weeks from the date they'd received the first faulty one back for a refund, but anytime I asked about it via twitter etc, I was just told to give them more time as they were really busy, which was hardly encouraging. Needless to say, given the price of the dresses, I don't think I'll be ordering any more from them, which is a real shame because I was so excited by the designs when I first saw the site.

Have you ever been put off a brand due to their approach to customer service? 


  1. It is a shame you had trouble with the dress as it is seriously pretty. Love the layering too. I can't say I've ever had any difficulties with customer service but I possibly have very low standards!!

  2. That is such a cute print! SHame about the zip, but it does look very cute with the jumper you are wearing with it.

  3. Ohh it's such a beautiful dress but it's a shame the customer service isn't the best! I'll never shop with boohoo again after the delivery man left my parcel outside my house, literally on the street and then when I inquired about where it was boohoo basically accused me of lying about not receiving it - they seemed really surprised when I suggested someone might have stolen it!

    Jennie xo |

  4. DId you get the red Grace tea dress? I kept umming and ahing about it and then decided to go for it with the extra 10% off and the size 10 had GONE!! So disappointed!!! If you should want to sell your one, do let me know!!!x

  5. Ah that's not very good, especially given the prices of the dresses. I adore the print too. Loving the bunny jumper too.

  6. That dress is amazing, but that's such a shame about the faults and the customer service. For that price, I'd expect it to be well made, well packaged, and sent swiftly- unless it was being custom made or something. I'd be put off too. I ordered a bag from Zatchels when they had a birthday promotion last Spring, and because of the demand I had to wait 10 WEEKS for it to get to me. I was patient for the first 5 or 6 weeks, but after that I wasn't amused, as I had no idea when I was to expect it. The bag was worth it in the end, but the service wasn't good!