Wednesday, 15 January 2014

One step at a time..

One of my goals for 2014 was to do with saving, so over the past couple of weeks I've tried to steer clear of the sales and come up with some ways to save more of my money, but not rule out shopping altogether. Well, let's face it. I'm never going to be one of those people who never shops, am I?

So, what I need are some ways of being more frugal, or if I'm limiting my clothing budget, ways of making my money go further.

Rather than just buying things as soon as I see them, deciding they don't suit or fit right and never bothering to return them (one of my worst habits, by far), I'm going to try and wait for a week when I see something I like. If, after that time I am still thinking about it non-stop, I'm going to shop around and see if I can get a better deal using a comparison website like ShopStyle, or some cashback on it using a reward scheme.

I'm a bit of a sales magpie and have often found some absolute gems in some of the supermarket ranges. My favourite at the moment is George at ASDA’s party dress collection; just last week I managed to pick up this dress for a bargainous £10.

This has never really been an area where I've spent too much money, but when you consider that moisturisers that cost less than a fiver have come out top in trial-tests, it's clear that there's no need to spend a fortune. I prefer to wait until there's a deal on and rack up some reward points at Boots or one of the local supermarkets, and I am not brand-loyal when it comes to toiletries so I'll just buy whatever is on offer.

One of the things I spend the most on are shoes, without a doubt. Although a lot of my collection comes from eBay, the prices can still add up. Although I'm going to put off starting Amber's shoe challenge until they restart in September, I'm going to make an effort to wear my way through some of my collection between now and then, in an attempt to make some decisions on any which I could do to part with, and also to find out just how many pairs I have before the challenge begins.

I'm thinking that if I can make a few little changes to begin with, I should be able to get myself used to thinking more before I spend on impulse. That has to be the first step, right?
Do you have any tips? 


  1. I'm gong to start writing down anything I spend in a little pad, you can pick ones specifically up for budgeting in paperchase or print off weekly spend sheets for free. It would be interesting to see where all my money goes. I might be able to make cut backs on food and cook more from scratch and maybe buy a monthly instead of weekly rail card etc. I've also started saving £1 a day in jar for my holiday next year.
    I'm trying to not buy any new clothes at the moment, I really have everything I need and if I lose the Christmas bulge everything will fit me again.

    Good luck!

  2. how about taking a look at the stuff that you have that doesn;t fit and seeing if you could alter it to fit? or modify it? maybe then you wouldn't need to buy more stuff?

  3. You can add the special ingredients that drive up the cost of moisturizers into good inexpensive brands yourself. It is probably saves hundreds of dollars over the year and with a little research you can have amazing beauty products.All these vitamins and acids are sold separately on amazon and its too easy to achieve the most luxurious lotions yourself at an affordable cost to not try it.It's fun too :-)

  4. I have that dress in black, which I wore to my university's Snow Ball so of course I approve of this! I really need to start documenting my spendings too. - Tasha xxx

  5. I bought that dress in black in the sales for £10 as well! I was on a bit of a spending ban too when I saw it but for £10 I just couldn't say no!

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits x

  6. Great goals! I recommend shopping through Quidco, which is a cashback website, that gives you back a percentage of your shopping with hundreds of different brands. The percentage varies from company to company, but it soon adds up, especially if you shop online a lot. It's a no brainer, really. And so easy. They also bring up discount codes, too. It's nice when the pennies start coming back in.

    You should also always look for a discount code when shopping online because more often than not you'll find one. If you can't find one, maybe try waiting a day or two and keep checking! Discount codes have saved me a fortune. Sign up to brand newsletters for codes and birthday vouchers; but unsubscribe / avoid opening them when you can't afford to shop. Only keep items that you LOVE and feel good in; if you aren't wowed by a purchase, send it back for a return. Shop at outlet villages and during sales. If you tend to shop more if they take Paypal (because it's so quick and easy), unlink your account and shop with your card. Sometimes when I'm shopping on impulse and I have to go find my card, I just won't bother! I know I'm not the only one who does this. I also pin a lot of my wish list items on to Pinterest, so I can visually see them together and decide what I want most. After looking back at them, some pieces lose their sparkle, and my bank balance is spared another blow out. xx

  7. That dress is just dreamy!! I must try harder to spend less, too.

  8. Stunning dress! I really wanted this but couldn't justify it; for a tenner it might change my mind though! I'm trying to shop less but not doing all that well; ironic because I shop to cheer myself up,but half the reason I'm feeling rubbish is cos I'm stuck in the house doing uni work and so I barely get a chance to wear out all the things I've bought to cheer myself up hah. xx