Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Round Up..

Picture 008
I bought some pretty new bags and some even prettier new shoes..The apple bag can be found here, the popcorn one here. Sadly I've not been feeling up to much dressing up this month, but when I do once more, I'm sure you'll see a lot of all of these pretties..
I've been trying to eat more and eat more healthily. A lot of snacks looked like this..
Picture 015
I spent a Saturday at the RAF Museum in Cosford, which was actually really interesting.
Picture 016
Picture 017
I joined the National Trust and for my first outing met up with friends at Attingham Park for a lovely walk and to see the deer being fed.
Picture 018
Another cake recipe from Nelly's blog - this grapefruit loaf was amazing. Luckily, I managed to end up with a slice even though I'd really made it for someone else.
Picture 019
Sewing progress has definitely slowed down a lot since the start of the month, but I had to get a little resourceful when I discovered I'd run out of suitable lining fabric for a dress I'm currently making.
Picture 020
I dressed up as one of my best blogging pals. Guess who?
Picture 008
I went for an eye test and was told I need reading glasses, so here they are. I can't quite say I've got used to them yet, and I keep forgetting to take them home from work with me.
Picture 009
I got a rather fab new toy - I've been wanting one of these for oh so long, and am hoping that this will finally inspire me to lose the last stone or so I need to in order to be happy with my size and shape. (Fingers crossed, right?!)
What did you get up to in January?


  1. Hope your Polar is helping you track your activities better. Loving your two bags very much x

  2. this is a lovely post! seems like january has been very busy for you and i love those shoes

  3. You have such Amazing eyes! I can't guess the Blogger but I lOve the dress!!!!
    Hold on though, you told me you were a size 8: surely you don't need to lose any weight? I know you don't believe it but I think you've got a beautiful figure. but anyway, you know your body! X

  4. The popcorn bag is so cute, can't imagine how to carry it though!