Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wednesday Wonderings 002..

How does one don a waistcoat, without looking like a croupier..?

Man in Waistcoat When it comes to certain items of clothing, I find it can often be difficult to get the look just right. I often see photos of a blogger or a celebrity wearing an outfit I love, managing to make it look great in that effortless way, but as soon as I try to replicate the look, I resemble the image of a kid whose mum has just dressed them up! If you feel that you look more like a croupier than achieving the casual, smooth look one is going for when you slip into a waistcoat, this may help you gain some useful tips.

The Right Fit
When wearing a waistcoat, the right fit is imperative to achieve a seamless and stylish look. If your waistcoat is too tight and bulging at the seams, you will make yourself look even bigger than you are which is not the image anyone wants to portray. Similarly, if it is miles too big it won’t flatter your shape either, as I'm not convinced this one does on me. Measure it up and make sure it fits perfectly before you make your final choice. It is all about the tailoring when it comes to waistcoats, so make sure yours is right for your body shape. If in doubt, seek some advice from the professionals!
Mix it Up
If you wear your waistcoat with a pair of shiny black trousers, people will be asking you to deal or enquiring as to where their meal is. If you don’t want to look like a waiter or croupier, the best option is to team your waistcoat with a pair of jeans or a different colour of trousers, depending on the occasion. A pair of jeans can look great as part of a smart/casual look as long as you get it right. If your waistcoat is part of a suit, you can get away with wearing black trousers but it is advisable to go for other options.One of my favourite waistcoat combinations is to wear them over a dress with sleeves, like I've done here and here..

Seasonal Materials
The material of your waistcoat can be adapted to suit the seasons, for instance you may want to weartweed for the winter months and a lighter cotton material for summer. Shiny is never a good look, so avoid this material at all costs when it comes to your waistcoat and you should be able achieve a great style for any occasion.

To look stylish in anything, waistcoat or otherwise, you need to feel comfortable in it in order to be able to pull off the cool, sleek look you see on the catwalk. I seem to spend my life envious of the other bloggers who always seem to ooze confidence and look completely at ease with their own style. You have to be able to look this way to be at your best, so I guess the most important thing to remember is to only ever wear an outfit you feel right in.


  1. I used to have a waistcoat when I was around 17 and I loved it, I pretty much wore it with everything and although I look back at some pictures and think I look like a waitress, it was one of my favourite items of clothing and I remember how confident I felt wearing it. I kind of wish I still had it!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I had several waistcoats in my teen years- my favourite was covered in white swirly embroidery that I wore for my Jazz band concerts! Nowadays, I own a black sparkly one with a collar from La Redoute but don't wear it THAT often (though it sits at the top of my cardie box!) - the trick I found is wearing it with a plain necked tee and not a shirt!

  3. i like waistcoat :) Great post dear ! would you like to follow each other on GFC and on Bloglovin :) xx