Thursday, 21 August 2014

Recipe: Pilgrim's Choice Crumbles..

I take it you've all been outside this week? So, you'll be with me when I say the approach of Autumn seems to be inevitable. I don't know about you, but for me the A/W decline means comfort food. And when I think of comfort food, I think of mashed potatoes, stews, or my best of all..cauliflower cheese.

So, with cauliflower cheese on the brain, I found it pretty easy to decide what to make when Pilgrim's Choice challenged me to put their new Crumbles range to the test.

Crumbles Challenge Collage1
Crumbles Challenge Collage2

Easy as pie, and perfect as a side dish, here's what I did:

  • After putting my cauliflower in a pan of boiling water to cook, I melted 2oz of butter with 2oz flour over a low heat. 
  • Once that was all combined, I added about a pint of milk and stirred it in. Bring this up to the boil and allow to simmer gently. 
  • I then measured out 6oz of the cheese and added that in to the white sauce, stirring in until it was fully melted.
  • Once that was done, I drained the cauliflower and combined the two in a serving bowl and we had it with our Sunday dinner. 
So, my verdict on the cheese? Well, Pilgrim's Choice say that Crumbles are 4mm diced cubes. I'd say that they were more like bags of grated cheese, to be honest (although it's possible that that happened in transit!). They melted easily and have the regular mature taste you'd expect from Pilgrim's Choice cheddar.

Although I've seen them in stores, I've never bought into the "pre-grated" cheese phenomenon before, but I guess it's a definite time-saver. For this recipe I used the "mature" flavour, but the range also includes Mature with Black Pepper, and Mature with Breadcrumbs and Herbs, which I have plans to use for this recipe.

What's your favourite cheese-based recipe? Is this weather making you think of comfort food, too?

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  1. I love a good cauliflower cheese. I did it once on a residential with Brownies, they all went 'yuck' at the beginning when they knew what was in it, but a few brave mouthfuls later pretty much all of them liked it and it's been appearing on menus ever since!