Thursday, 18 September 2014

Check it out..

Check Dress: Great Plains*
So, here's the thing. I'm good with Autumn/Winter clothes (layers and coats, check) and I'm good with Summer clothes (shorts and sandals, check), but I'm a little bit hopeless when it comes to that funny "transitional" weather stage. Like, what if it's a little bit cold, but not that much?

Handbag: Vintage
This past week, for example, has been really cold in the mornings (well, when I leave the house pre-6am, anyway). So much so that I've generally needed a coat for the walk to the car. I've then shed that coat when I've got to work after the gym, and left it on the coatstand at work as it's been pretty warm by lunchtime and when I leave. Incidentally, this is genius because it means that eventually all of my coats will be stored at my office. Which will leave me with a LOT more storage space at home.

Coat: F+F
So, my outfit of choice lately has been a dress, accessorised with heels and jewellery. A dress which is light enough for when it gets a little warmer, but which doesn't leave me too cold first thing in the mornings. A tall order, perhaps, but this Great Plains dress fits the bill perfectly! They have plenty of lovely dresses at the moment, all perfect for this transitional weather.

Necklace: H+M
I loved the colours in the checked print on this dress and as soon as I saw it in person, I knew that I must dig out this necklace - the colours are perfect. With so many strands of beads going on, I didn't think I needed anything else in the way of jewellery and just grabbed this little silver bag which I bought a few years ago from a vintage shop in London.

Heels: New Look
I'm super pleased with this new addition to my dress wardrobe. I think that it's belted shape makes it transitional from day to night as well as season-to-season. It would be the perfect work-and-then-dinner outfit, perhaps with the addition of a sequin jacket (a girl can never have enough sequins, right?).

How are you dressing to suit this strange, transitional weather?


  1. For work, I've been wearing light trousers and sleeveless tops with cardies and stuff and the occasional skirt or dress with leggings. I'm wearing linen trousers today and they're perfect. To be honest though, I haven't felt cold at all as I'm always late so have to scamper to the station swiftly. The cardigan gets taken off after 5 mins.
    That dress is so nice on you! Truly, you look so pretty! X

    1. Aw, thank you. I have been feeling cold in the mornings, particularly when I needed to park a few streets away the night before.

  2. Oooh, I'm liking the dress in the background!

    1. Ah, thank you - that fabric has been sitting patiently for months so I'm glad I finally made it up into a dress!

  3. Great outfit, I like the dress xx

  4. gorgeous! This shape is perfect on you and I love the colours xx

  5. I like the longer length sleeves on this dress.
    I'm just adding a cardigan to most outfits at the moment but the weather has been so lovely most days that I don't really need it.
    When it gets colder I add a layer underneath and a scarf and eventually a coat or jacket.

    1. I think I'm changing my mind on sleeves. I like them a lot more, now.

  6. Nah I'm just crap at layering. A cardi over something, that's as good as I get. Then add a coat. My sister always has a ton of layers and yet doesn't look bulky. I feel like a Michelin man come winter time! Lovely dress x