Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Favourites 114..

001: Chelsea Doll Daphne Necklace, £14
ASOS Sequin Jacket
002: ASOS Sequin Jacket, £48
Ever feel as though your week would be better with just a little more...sparkle?

001: I love the colours on this necklace and the fact that the jewels go all the way round, like a proper collar. I think it would finish off just about any outfit to give it that little extra detail. I've not ordered from Chelsea Doll for a while, but have always found them very helpful and their deliveries very speedy in the past.

002: I know, I have a sequin jacket. Or three. But this one has been saved in my favourites for an age. It's sparkly, yes. But it's also floral. And dark-coloured which I think makes it more wintry. Is it a jacket, is it a bolero, is it a coat? It's some kind of sequin hybrid, which I think I could find a place for in my wardrobe for sure.

Are you all about the sparkles, as well?


  1. You always make that kind of jacket look good. On me, they just look frumpy. Tis v annoying. Necklace us great. X

    1. i'm always convinced they make me look frumpy as well, tbh!