Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Language of Love..

Have you seen the latest La Redoute campaign? The Language of Love is all about taking the opportunity to tell the people you most care about, just how much they mean to you.

Sometimes, we just find it difficult to say what we truly feel. In fact, in a recent survey La Redoute found 22% of Brits last told someone that they loved them more than a year ago, or hadn't ever said those words at all.

Deciding that French was just a much more romantic language, Mr La Redoute (model and actor Florent Thevenot) was tasked with using the language of love to deliver messages to unknowing women, before explaining that in fact, they were not his words at all, but had been written for them by the people who loved them.

Inspired by the campaign, I wanted to write some words of my own, to tell one of my favourite people just how much they mean to me.

Dear X (I know you'll know who you are when you read this),

I definitely don't take the opportunity to tell you often enough how much I appreciate the things that you do for me.

In fact, I think I behave a lot worse than I probably should do; a lot worse than you deserve.

I really do appreciate the time you spend with me, checking on me, making sure that I'm OK. Our hour-long conversations about just nothing. Sitting in a cafe or a restaurant watching the world go by and making up lives for the people who pass us. Lying in the garden, reading the paper in front of the fire, walking along the beach. Doing nothing with you makes me happy.

Our history is knitted together tightly; there have been good times and bad. But you've always been there for me and there will always be a special place in my mind and in my heart for you. Your constant words of encouragement, whatever my goal might be. (Particularly when I know you don't understand why it's so important that I find the perfect pair of shoes for a special occasion, even though I already have about a million pairs, but you'll email me with options or accompany me around a trillion shops nonetheless).

For not getting cross with me for falling asleep in a film you didn't want to watch in the first place. For always listening and making sensible suggestions when I'm having a work / life / boy drama, even though I know it must get super boring for you.

Basically, for all of the things which I appreciate - I really do - but I never mention.

Thank you for all of these things, and I'll always love you for them.

C x

<3 <3 <3

Who would you tell that you loved them if you had the chance?


  1. Awwww!!! That's so lovely Char!!!
    I wish I could tell my Dad how much he means to me and how I wish I could spend more time with just him. But I find it hard. I tell him I love hum when I say goodbye but I'd say a lot more if I could.

    1. I really like this campaign because I think it's so important say the things you feel.