Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We were the happiest rabbits in the happiest cage..

Dress: Handmade (Simplicity 2444)
One of my most co-ordinated outfits for a while now. This rabbit print fabric is another which has been sitting around, waiting to be made up into a dress for a few months. I am finally making some proper progress with my fabric stash and this became a(nother) Simplicity 2444 when I was in the midst of #OWOP. I actually didn't get around to wearing it until the following weekend, when the challenge was over, so it didn't make the round-up, but I'm still glad I got around to making it.

Satchel: Brit-Stitch* // Prom Princess heels: Irregular Choice

I decided to wear it with pale blue to match the print of the rabbits, and dug this cardigan out of storage - it has sequins within the knit and I'd totally forgotten about it until I saw something similar in M+S a couple of weekends ago.

Cardigan: Primark
My shoe choice was pretty easy; this being my third and final pair of Prom Princess which are such a pale fabric that I wanted to get them all worn before the weather turned a little more rainy and risk ruining them outside. The inverted heels are something I've mentioned before - still SO comfortable to walk in, even though they may not look it!

Birdcage Necklace: Miss Selfridge
As for accessories, this birdcage necklace is years old and I don't think I've worn it for a long time. And finally, I finished off with my Brit-Stitch half pint satchel, which is the perfect size for all the essentials.

I felt a little matchy-matchy in this outfit, but sometimes that's OK. Right?


  1. Nothing wrong with matchy matchy. I do that all the time! Pretty outfit though-the rabbits are rather sweet! Your hair looks short in these photos! X

    1. Oh, I think it's the way it's mostly behind - it's longer and more unruly than ever at the moment!

  2. Hi Hun,

    Sorry only just catching up on posts. Very pretty dress and great satchel.

    X x

    1. Thanks, the satchel is quite the old favourite now.

  3. That satchel is the cutest! I loveee the dress too x

  4. Love this outfit, I'm loving the matchy matchyness!

    Maria xxx

  5. I love the bunnies! Where did you get the fabric?

  6. I think matchy-matchy can really work when it's done right, and you've definitely nailed it! I love it all together. The colours are gorgeous, the print of the dress is adorable, the accessories are lovely, and you look so well put together! Two thumbs up from me! xx