Saturday, 4 October 2014

#irregularchoicechallenge Days 190-198..

ICC Days 190-198

No outfit post from me this weekend as I'm still bunged up with a cold so just look a bit as though I'm doing my best Rudolph impression a couple of months early. Today I'm off to #SewBrum to masquerade as a sewing blogger (which I'm totally not!). I hope they don't mind too much!

So, a little round up as the #irregularchoicechallenge is still going. I actually made a list just before Day 190 in order that I knew exactly which pairs I still need to wear, so I've been working my way through ticking those off (and adding to it when a new pair arrives). I am wearing them faster than I'm buying them, though - which is certainly a good thing.

I seem to be coming to the end of my flat shoes. Day 191 was one of the first pairs of Irregular Choice I ever bought, and they've lasted so well. They have a black bow at the back, which someone once stepped on in a nightclub and that was held together with a safety pin for quite a long while after that (this happened when I was at Uni, it's been stitched together since!). They're a firm favourite and I was astounded that I'd not worn them until this far into the challenge.

Day 195 is a recent eBay win - I love the shape of these courtesan heels and managed to place a winning bid for these of less than £3.50, so I'd have been crazy not to snap them up, I think.

Day 196 got their first outing as a casual outfit to head off to my spa break last week. They're super comfy and now that I know that I'm sure they'll be worn a lot more after the challenge is over.

Day 193 is up there with my favourite outfit combinations of the entire challenge. And I've chatted about some of the other pairs here: (Day 190 and Day 192).

And so that brings us to Day 198. One of my most long-awaited and possibly most disappointing pairs of all time. And quite possibly, it looks like, the beginning of the end of my love of the brand.
I ordered my Cherry Deer heels on the release date in the size I usually, tried them on briefly, butd didn't walk anywhere in them when they arrived, and then put them aside to save them for my trip to London last Saturday. Within a couple of hours it had become apparent that these were not even close to the size they're marked. I was in so much pain that at one point I thought I might pass out, and I actually had to go to the Irregular Choice store to buy a different pair of shoes, to wear for the rest of the day. {Incidentally when I was there, we all three received such terrible customer service that I don't think I'll be returning, but that's another story.}

Obviously there wasn't anything that could be done in store about them, but having been in contact with the team at IC, after measuring the size and length against my Flopsy heels (which I was told are supposed to be the same sizing. My CD heels measure a lot shorter than Flopsy, in the same size), they've reluctantly taken them back to check the sizing. I'm waiting to hear whether or not they agree that they are wildly wrong. And if they do, what will happen next. I suspect I'm going to be told there's nothing wrong with them, though.

I did consider leaving my challenge there, although I do have a lot of pairs left, as yet unworn. But it seemed sad not to continue when I was so far in to the challenge. So I'm continuing to post a pair each day whilst this saga unfolds. Watch this space.


  1. Oh no, that's such a shame!!! Horrid to think of you traipsing or should I say limping around London in pain. I hope they consider changing your shoes, as such a valued customer and advocate. Day 196 are my ultimate favourite. I'd love to get a pair like that. X

    1. It was horrid - they measure up more than 1.5in shorter than my Flopsy heels, which they told me was the closest style. So I don't think there's any way they can be right, but they have them now and have said they aren't seeing any problems.


    *mind explodes*

    But I totally have pair 195 too! They are one of my favourites and best. Even if I am ridiculously tall in them.

  3. Oh no, that's such a pity. I sized up on mine (just to be safe) and they are a little roomy, just like my Flopsy which I also sized up on (I tried my regular size on Flopsy and they were tight enough to hurt after a while and really not comfortable). Hope you get it sorted.

    I can't for the life of me remember if I still have my purple snake courtesans. I think I maybe reluctantly sold them. I really love Tic Tac Toe seeing them here. Your nightclub shoe story sounds familiar, I (well usually involving other people) regularly wrecked shoes, lost jewellery etc in nightclubs over the years!

    1. I bought both sizes of Flopsy and went with my normal size, which fit like a dream and I've worn loads. I was told the sizing was very similar to these, but they are nowhere near as long, more than 1.5in shorter when I measured them both to compare. I think that's more than just variance.