Friday, 26 December 2014

Little house..

Dress: Handmade (Simplicity 2444 in this fabric)
Creepers: Irregular Choice
Cardigan: New Look
Christmas Pudding Bag: Tu
Somehow I managed to find time to make another couple of Christmas dresses before the big day itself, so here's one of them. Sarah and I both came home from the quilting show with this fabric. I just sort of packed my festive fabrics away and assumed I'd have plenty of time in December to make Christmas dresses. Pah.

Anyway, I love this little house print. I think this is the third house print dress I've made this year. And there's at least one more on my fabric wishlist. Obsessed much? I'm not usually a fan of white backgrounds but I think there are so many colours in the print that I can get around it by teaming with reds and greens and blacks.

I've been using my Christmas pudding bag as much as possible in the run up to Xmas itself as well. It's pretty cute and a good size to carry the essentials.

Today is kind of my actual Christmas as I'm off to spend it with family. My sister was working Christmas Day so we had to postpone.


  1. Perfect dress Char! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

  2. I do like the Christmas pudding bag, I almost bought that as well as the geeky reindeer but I knew the other half would moan if I came home with two more bags I didn't really need! :-) xx

  3. I always love looking at your posts, the fabrics you choose are so awesome and I massively envy your sewing skills.

    1. Aw, thank you. It's easy enough to pick it up!!

  4. Hope you had a great time with the family, even if it wasn't the actual day! Why follow the herd????

    1. Thanks, I had a drama-free day, which is always good.