Tuesday, 31 March 2015

This funny little hedgehog's always around..

Dress: Handmade (Simplicity 2444) // Corsage: H+M
Orange Clutch Bag: New Look
Cardigan: Matalan // Shoes: Miss Selfridge

At least this is only a four-day week as it's already turning into a crazy one. Also discovered this morning that my washing machine seems to be broken, which is frustrating. There's already just too much going on for my brain to focus on one thing, so I hope it's an easy fix.

I have a huge list of things I'd love to find time for, but it will involve being a little selfish, I guess. And that's just not something I'm very good at. For example, there's a pile of fabric I'd love to make up into dresses, but I've got sewing commissions which take precedence. Here's hoping for plenty of sewing and allotment time at the weekend.

Today's outfit isn't that exciting; sometimes outfits aren't, but are just as worthy of being recorded, I guess.


  1. I count this as an exciting outfit, I love the cute little hedgehog print!

  2. I like this dress, nice fabric and I love the cinched in waist.

  3. I love your dress; so gorgeous and such a lovely print. And that bag is amazing! x

  4. No, no no, it IS an exciting outfit!! I love it!!! The colours go so so well together!!!x

  5. You make the cutest little dresses, so you should be selfish and make some loveliness for yourself. I love to see your fabric choices, always so sweet an unique.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. Thanks. I do love picking out fabrics to be new dresses.

  6. The awesome hedgehog print actually makes this a really exciting outfit! It's adorable. I need some hedgehogs in my wardrobe.

    Doing things for yourself isn't selfish, either. Everybody needs some me- time to spend how they like. Don't feel guilty; you're always super busy, so I'd say you deserve it more than most! xx

    1. Aw, thank you. I managed to make two things for others and three dresses for myself this weekend, amongst other things.