Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday Titles 039 : Scarred for Life

Scarred For Life
Scarred for Life (Jessica Daniel) - Kerry Wilkinson
I love a good crime read and frankly, I'm going to dive right in and say that Scarred For Life is no exception to this. I'd been a little concerned that not having read any of the earlier books in this series would put me at a disadvantage, but this didn't seem to be the case.

DI Jessica Daniel is not having a good week. Her wallet's been nicked, the refurbished incident room is already falling apart, and a new football-mad constable is driving her crazy.
She also has bigger things on her mind. A student's body has been dumped in a wheelie bin at the back of a university building, with a vague link to an Olympic medallist and a theory that it could have been an induction which went wrong.
There's the tattooed shop raider who has her team stumped; someone attacking lone women; a chief inspector who seems to have a problem with her; and someone putting letters through her front door insisting that she's caught 'the wrong man'.
Worlds are colliding for Jessica - and, if she's not careful, someone close to her might not make it out in one piece.

Thrown right in at the start of the book, Jessica's caseload include a spate of pickpocket thefts, robberies and murders. Plus, it seems as though she is being isolated by the DCI, which is making it more difficult for her to investigate her cases. 

Luckily, it seems Jessica is a bit of a rebel and she doesn't let this hold her back too much. I didn't solve all of the cases before her, but liked the way the book seemed to wrap everything up rather nicely towards the end...before throwing a rather gigantic spanner into the works and making me wish the next book was out right now.


  1. Oooh I say, this sounds intriguing!!! I just finished the book you sent me and loved it!!!x

    1. It's definitely worth a read - I'm tempted to go back and read the whole series.

  2. I usually like to start a series from the beginning, be it TV or a book, but it's nice to know, especially with books, that it doesn't matter too much. Just in case you can't find the earlier books!
    I haven't read many crime books, I'm not a huge reader in general, and I've only just started getting back into it, but with audiobooks instead of actual books. I've been putting together a nice little list of books to listen too, and crime books seem to attract me more than others. I'll have to look out if there's an audio version to spend my audible credit on :)

    ~ K

    1. Me too, and to be honest I'd begun reading before I realised that it was partway through a series. It really didn't detract from the book, though, which could have stood alone.