Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tuesday Titles 044: White

White - Rosie Thomas

A slightly topical novel today, although I picked it up and read it a few weeks ago now.

Finch Buchanan is a doctor, signed up to take part in a commercial venture to climb Everest, as the trip's medic and also involved in an inadvertant love triangle. One of the men, Sam has followed her and managed to sweet talk his way onto the expedition. The other is a man she met and fell in love with ten years ago, when he was married.

How will the strains of the physical challenge affect their relationships? And who will win Finch's heart?

I found this book thoroughly enjoyable and was pleasantly surprised that the plot wasn't that predictable, nor was the content too unrealistic - it felt as though a lot of research had been done on the subject of the Everest attempt. That said, I have very little background knowledge on that kind of thing.

Rosie Thomas was an author I'd not read before, but I'll definitely be looking out for her books in the future. All in all a solid, enjoyable read and one I'd recommend.


  1. Oooh, this sounds intrigueing and a bit different. I'll have to look out for it.x

    1. It was really good, I did enjoy it!