Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Berghaus 30L Daysack*

I was trying to recall the last time I went to Wales for an adventure. I guess last month, when I took the train to Barmouth for a day trip with some of the rangers. But for actual exploring? I guess it's been a while. 


At one point, whilst I was still at Uni, I'd spend practically every weekend up in North Wales. We had a holiday house near the sea and I loved it. I spent my weekends walking around Llandudno and it's surrounding area, One of my favourite walks was around the Great Orme. I really miss it. 


So, what should one #PackForWales? Well, Visit Wales and Berghaus have teamed up to ask that very question, and sent me a rather useful new rucksack to pack with all of the things I think I'd need. 


Well, given that the weather can often be a bit temperamental, I'd go armed with raincoat and walking boots, even on what looks to be the sunniest of days. 


What else? Well, years of camping with guides has taught me never to go anywhere without a groundsheet - perfect for laying on the ground if you're stopping for a picnic, or for keeping things dry if you need to. There's also a notebook and pen, an emergency charger (I'd take my phone, obvs, but I'm using it to take the photos!), a head torch (another camping staple; having to navigate a stile whilst carrying a camping loo to be emptied has taught me that a head torch is invaluable as sometimes you need both hands). A thermal mug. And a book; I always take a book with me.


Have I forgotten anything? Have you been to Wales? Any places I *need* to visit? I recently went to Bounce Below, which I'd thoroughly recommend. And my sister (who now lives in Wales) has promised a visit to Puffin Island soon, so we're currently planning for that. 


  1. St David's is lovely and there's a place called The Bench there that sells amazing ice cream and you can have "Ice Cream Tapas" to sample lots of flavours if you can't choose. All of Pembrokeshire is obscenely pretty to be honest.

    1. Oh, I've been only once to St David's and it was such a lovely place. Definitely somewhere to visit again and that ice cream place sounds amazing!

  2. I really wanted to go to Bounce Below on my recent trip to wales but we sadly never made it - next time though for sure!

    1. Oh, it's so good> Definitely go if you get the chance!

  3. Portmerion definitely!!! I love it there!!!! Snowdonia is worth hiking up and get the train down.X

    1. Ooh, that's a great idea. We once stopped there on the way back from somewhere else. I think you can stay there in the little cabins and such, which would be rather cool.