Sunday, 17 May 2015

Protein Boost..

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie* - part of the exclusive Sam Bailey range

Protein. It's a bit of a buzz word lately, isn't it? Everywhere you look, people are getting fired up about protein balls, protein pancakes, controversial protein adverts. It seems that these days, you can't swing a cat without knocking over someone's protein shake.

I guess that I'm comfortably on this bandwagon, I gave up my vegetarian diet about 18months ago because going to the gym more than daily meant that I was just not managing to get enough protein into my diet to compensate for the work I was doing. Since then, I try to make my meals protein-heavy and I do drink protein shakes after the gym, to try and help with the muscle repair.

I have felt for a while that my fitness journey seems to have come to a bit of a standstill. My main problem is not so much the exercise, as I do plenty of that, but with eating enough, I skip meals, I never feel hungry and I don't get anywhere close to eating enough calories per day to compensate for those burnt. So, when I'm despairing because I can't shift the pounds I'm intent on shifting, that's the reason and I only have myself to blame.


Knowing I needed to get a little more structure into my daily routine, I took Exante up on their offer to let me test out some of their meal replacement products. Rather than using them completely instead of eating, I'd have one shake and one meal replacement sachet during the day, as well as a proper meal and snack.

I've never used any meal replacement systems before for weight-loss or anything else, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. For each and every item, you just add water. Some of the meals are then heated, or cooked in a pan. None of them (in my experience) looked anything like their photo counterparts on the website, but highlights from the products I tried were the cheese and bacon breakfast eggs, Shepherd's pie and Pasta Carbonara. These all tasted like what they were supposed to, much to my surprise.

For me, this trial did serve it's purpose. I spent a couple of weeks eating three meals per day, of which at least one was one of these. I am getting slightly better at doing this with proper food as well. I still do take a protein shake with me for after the gym as I figure it can't do any harm.

Have you ever tried any meal replacement products? Would you recommend them?


  1. I never really know what I'm doing with protein shakes or how much I need to eat. I just places an order with Muscle Food and got lots of meats and sweet potato fries etc, hoping that will hlpe with my push at the gym this month after an injury.
    Lidl sell protein rolls which are tasty and well worth a try to bulk out soup at lunch xx

    1. Ooh, I've not heard of those but will have a look for sure next time I'm in Lidl.

  2. oooooo those flavours sound unusual! i still can't get my head around protein shakes haha xx

    1. I only tend to use them when I've been to the gym, to try and help with the muscle repair.