Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Favourites 149..

Cripes, how is it the end of the week already? To combat the stress of the fact that my life is literally zipping by without leaving me time to even breathe, I'm going to shun all of the Mean Girls rules and wear pink. Yes, that's right. Pink on a Friday. Mostly because all of the things which are capturing my heart lately are pink, so I have it on the brain.

People Tree. Zandra Rhodes Cars Flared Dress. £85
Car Print Dress. £85 - People Tree

001: First up, I like pink and I love a conversational print, so what's not to love with this People Tree dress from their new Zandra Rhodes collection? I love the fact that the waist is nipped in and makes the skirt look so flippy and full - the perfect skater dress? Not that I do any skating these days. The "skater" dance move we have to do in Piloxing class doesn't count, does it? (Sort of like a grapevine move with the feet and also a punch in the opposite direction - not great for those with no sense of co-ordination. i.e, me).

George Pink Lace Dress
Lace Layer Dress, £35 - George
002: In contrast, a tulip skirt from George (I KNOW!), which has stolen my heart because it's almost exactly like a dress I once saw in a vintage shop and had no chance of ever fitted my darned hips into. I snuck a sneaky photo of it and saved it in the folder on my phone known as "dresses I need to make", and then here it is. All this needs is a little bow belt added to it and it would basically be the same dress. Perhaps that means that the folks at George are using inspiration from my brain. Eep. Could you make all of the other dresses I'm dreaming about, please? *hopeful face*

Fever Mary Dress
Mary Floral Prom Dress, £59.99 - Fever Designs
003: Okay, okay, I know this one is bending the rules slightly as it's not entirely pink, but it has pink flowers printed on it which means it can be in my Pink Dress Gang. This is the Mary dress from Fever, which I spied on Instagram recently and was like "ohmigod I need this now". I love the retro feel which Fever seem to manage to give to all of their dresses. This one does come with a bow belt (win), and a fabulous box pleated skirt. I'm in love. 

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. Ha you are funny!!! Love the last dress though the tulip dress is an interesting shape!x

    1. haha, thanks! I am really drawn to the lace dress, even though it's not a shape I'd usually go for.

  2. The People Tree and Fever Designs dresses are absolutely stunning. You definitely need them both in your life! xx

    1. I was very lucky to receive the Fever dress to style up, so I'm all set for an upcoming garden party!

  3. How did I not even realise there was a new collection with Zandra Rhodes and People Tree? I've been absorbed by their sale recently! Great choices, I'm now off to peruse the new PT collection <3 x

    1. Such a lovely collection - I do love a good quirky print.