Thursday, 25 June 2015

How does your garden grow..

Fantasy Flower heels: Irregular Choice
Giraffe Dress: Fever London
Handbag: Pylones
Cardigan: Laura Ashley

One of those mornings where I looked at my wardrobes in despair, as I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to wear. Then I saw this giraffe print dress poking out of a pile of dresses I sorted through the other day and deemed "keepers". 

A little while since I wore this dress last. Last time I did, I remember teaming it with orange to pick out the print, which I've sort of tried to do again this time around, but this time with this rather terrific orange watering can bag from Pylones. 

Continuing with the garden theme, shoes with flowers on were a must. As was a cardigan with a gardening print. I picked this up in the Laura Ashley sale last year in Leamington using a voucher I'd won and hadn't even realised until I got it home that it was the one I'd mentioned in this wishlist. Duh.

Fever have come up with some covetable designs for this season, too. In fact, there's one in particular which I'm really loving. More on that tomorrow. 


  1. Bag twins! You must have recently got this but how did you circumvent the shopping ban? The outfit is really cute! The fun theme of a garden is a great one for an outfit! You need the brooch I made this week to complete it!!! Ha, it's ridiculous! I'm going to post about it on Tuesday for TARDIS Tuesday!
    I always enjoy your Friday posts, I wonder how on earth you find things!!!x

    1. It was a birthday present, but my friend ordered it from eBay and it got delayed in arriving.
      Ooh, I think I just do too much browsing online, that's how I manage to find pretty things week after week.

  2. I love the giraffe print, and that bag is awesome! xx

  3. I absolutely love Fever London designs, I bought a polka dot dress in TK Maxx last summer & took it travelling. It was perfect! I always scout the sale, just incase. The giraffe print is so cute & the bag is so much fun. How is your wardrobe sale going? My dressing room is covered in dresses to sell right now, it's driving me mad! Xx

    1. They do such pretty dresses. Wardrobe sale is so-so. I'm recycling everythign which is left at the end of the weekend as I just don't have the space anymore.

  4. I love that bag, perfect for a girl with an allotment :) xx

  5. I love that bag, perfect for a girl with an allotment xx

  6. That bag is all kinds of awesome!