Saturday, 6 June 2015

The wheels on the bus..

Dress: New Look // Cardigan: Peacocks
Bus Bag: LYDC Handbags
Shoes: Irregular Choice
One of my amazing friends sent me this fabulous handbag for my birthday and I absolutely love it! Thank you, Jojo. You know me so well!

I couldn't wait to wear it, so when I found this striped dress in the pile of clothes I was sorting through (yes, still working my way through that rail!). I decided this would be the perfect finishing touch. I decided to go all out nautical, with the matching red and white heels, and then a cardigan with sailboats on. It had begun as a sunny day, after all.

I'm flipping glad it's the weekend. A combination of things have made the end to my week sort of sucky, but I'm meeting up with friends tomorrow evening, have some sewing time scheduled in to finish off this week's commissions and to alter friend's dress for a ball she's going to. I might even do a boot sale on Sunday as I'm facing an absolutely huge mountain of fundraising to do for a trip I've been asked to take next year with guiding. So, the ruthless clearing out continues.

Fun things to look forward to next week include a spa day with my Mama and launching a project I've been putting together for a little while now.

How's your week been?


  1. You look awesome! I love that dress on you. xx

  2. I always regret not buying that Peacocks cardie! Love the dress, wish we could see the top under your hair!x

    1. I didn't buy it at the time but managed to track one down off eBay a few years after the event.