Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Shoes 078..


IMG_5092 IMG_5093 

I have a secret wishlist, which only a couple of people know about. Since spying them on Amber's blog, these shoes have been on there. And when I was presented with them a couple of weeks ago, I discovered they are even more perfect in real life than I'd expected! (Thanks, Mama.)

The bow on the front of the shoe is well-structured and solid and I'm really taken by the beautiful polka dot print. Multi-coloured means endless outfit options, right?

Help me - how would you style these ASOS Poppy heels?


  1. These would look super with a solid-coloured dress or your teapot dress but you're the queen of pairing shoes so I don't think you need advice! wow, you have secret wishlists as well as weekly blog wishlists, that's a lot of wishes! How wonderful you have such a generous mum and evidently other family members who are supporting the difficulty of having imposed a shopping ban in yourself. They obviously know how stressed you are and how new prettiness is a welcome respite from that. x

    1. Ooh, teapot dress!!
      I think all of my closest people know how stressed I am - try as I may, it's impossible to hide it. And I'm feeling pretty blessed lately.

  2. These shoes are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  3. HUGE 1950's circle skirt, tight fitting crew neck jumper tucked up, necktie, cats eye sunglasses and pin curl hair. They are awesome!!

  4. These would look great with so many things. Cropped jeans and a white shirt. A pale blue full skirted dress. A stripey dress! Something 50's and fabulous!

  5. These shoes are adorable, i look forward to seeing what you wear them with.