Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tuesday Titles 055..

The Bones of You
The Bones of You - Debbie Howells

You know sometimes you read a book and just think everyone in life is so messed up. This is definitely one of those books. 

Rosie, a local girl from the village goes missing. Kate, who has gotten to know Rosie recently through their mutual love of horses, thinks that there is something suspicious about the circumstances and promptly makes a start on trying to find out what has happened. As time passes, Kate's obsession with finding out the truth just grows and grows.

Kate befriends Rosie's family, and in doing so uncovers a plethora of family secrets which had been so well hidden. I found that this book really forced me to question the assumptions I'd made about some of the characters and there were some fairly satisfying plot twists which I'd not been expecting.

Creepy, yes. Dramatic, yes. But very compelling.


  1. Great review Char! I now want to read it. X

  2. I finished this the other day, really liked the interwoven voice of Rosie xx