Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday Titles 056..

The Chateau
The Chateau - Irene Thomas

The Sinclair family, torn apart by tragedy, are exposed to media speculation. Mother Veronique is plunged into manic depression and daughter Caterine seems incapable of committing to the prospects of a brilliant academic career. Son, David, takes control, restoring family harmony and happiness. Caterine graduates with an outstanding degree, developing a ruthless ambition to atone for the guilt she feels for that family tragedy. In her subsequent business career Caterine travels extensively achieving many accolades but, in her personal life, love affairs end in sadness and disappointment. During this time, Caterine's sixth sense re-emerges to warn of danger, particularly regarding a close family friend whom she distrusts. Eventually, Caterine finds fulfillment in a loving marriage and happiness prevails. Suddenly as life prospers a mysterious danger confronts her but she fights to defend herself and finds a solution. This "solution" returns to haunt her, to threaten her marriage and her family, while the media wait in anticipation. The question: who can and cannot survive? In this dramatic tale of mystery and suspense set between Scotland and France, we find ourselves witnessing a titanic struggle between love and loyalty versus greed, jealousy and betrayal. The spellbinding conclusion excites the imagination of every reader

I'm not sure why, but my expectations were very different for this book than the reality when I actually read it. I don't know why but the mention of Veronique's mother suffering from manic depression was the part which had resonated with me to begin with. I'd been expecting much more focus on that, for some reason, although perhaps only because my personal circumstances make me hyper sensitive to mention of it.

Anyway, what I actually found was that I had no reason to be wary and the book mostly follows the life of Caterine, for whom things turn out mostly OK. In fact, her life in the wonderful French chateau surroundings is borderline perfect until one fateful night. Something dreadful happens to Caterine and afterwards nothing can ever be the same. Unless, she could keep it a secret. Can she?

The book is wonderfully written with Taylor's fabulous descriptions throwing the reader right into the Scottish and French surroundings. It reminded me of a historical novel, although was actually only set in recent years. And frankly, I was in suspense waiting to find out how Caterine's secret would be discovered.

Have you read anything great, lately?


  1. Sounds very intriguing! I'm reading a really good book which I've almost finished which is really intriguing and eerie!x

    1. It was totally different to what I'd been expecting, but I really did enjoy it.