Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Honey put on that party dress..

Dress: Zaful*
Gabriella Sandals: Miss KG* (purchased with vouchers from John Lewis)
Do you ever find that sometimes you're off to a party or an event and decide there is nothing wrong with dressing as though you're a six year old, off to a birthday party? 

When my sister and I were little, our nan used to buy us a new dress for just about every occasion (I guess that's where I get *that* from) and it would always be that we'd have dresses which were ever so slightly different, but pretty much the same (BHS, Marks and Spencer and Debenhams had a lot to answer for in the 90s). There was 2yrs between us, but we spent out formative years being asked if we were twins. Being dressed like that for family occasions or whatever. probably didn't help. I digress.

My point was, this dress with it's shiny, fruit print fabric, V-shaped back, full skirt and *huge* bow to tie at the waist, is basically a grown up version of exactly the type of thing I would have worn to parties as a kid. And for that nostalgic little feeling, I love it. 

So, what's the perfect thing to finish off your party outfit? I couldn't resist a pair of sparkly shoes and a matching, impractically-sized bag. I was pretty pleased with these shoes when I spent some John Lewis vouchers on them a little while back, but even more pleased when I realised I had enough points saved up on one of my online survey sites to cash in for some House of Fraser vouchers, and that they sold the matching glittery bag. Which is pretty awesome. I felt a smidgen guilty that I might be cheating on my spending ban, but I think I'm happy that vouchers don't count as a proper spend.

Tara Bag: Miss KG* (purchased with vouchers from House of Fraser)


  1. Re the shopping ban, Of course it is not cheating!!! Remember YOU imposed the shopping ban in yourself, you set the rules, no one forced you to do it, it is not like someone is there stopping you or has frozen your bank account or it is some religious reason or that you are trying to own less. Vouchers are good!
    Loving that dress on you. It is very, very pretty and you look happy in it which cam only be a good thing at this present time.
    Your legs look incredibly slender and shapely with those shoes!!
    We often had matching dresses but luckily looked different enough, esp with 4yeats between us.x

  2. Oh my GAHD, THIS IS AWESOME. You look bloody fantastic.

  3. Vouchers totally don't count in a spending ban. Ever.
    I love this dress! I would've killed to wear this as a six year old and would happily wear it now too.

  4. That dress looks like it was made for twirling! Also, vouchers definitely don't count as a proper spend!
    Liz x

  5. Amazing dress! I'm definitely digging the party look :)

  6. You look stunning! The dress is absolutely gorgeous, too. My Mum used to dress me and my little sister (who's 3 years younger) in matching outfits a lot when we were little, and dear God, I hated that. Why do parents do that to their kids?! xx

  7. Must be a girl thing, my sisters and I often had similar outfits and yes, I'd have totally worn a dress like this (and still would). Love that full skirt x