Thursday, 6 August 2015

Superstar Sloth..

Dress: Handmade (Bette pattern)
Tights: Primark // Book Clutch: ASOS
Bella heels: Kurt Geiger
Cardigan: F+F

It's funny how an outfit comes about, sometimes. Today's started with this pair of tights. Frankly, because my legs are still so badly bruised from last week's camp, I needed something fairly dark to cover them up. 

I'm not sure what reminded me of these shoes but I decided the purple and green would go nicely with this sloth print dress, which I've worn quite a lot since I made it. It's funny how some dresses seem to be worn many times, whereas when it comes to others I'll realise almost as soon as I finish them that I'm not going to be likely to wear that one as much. 

I'm much happier now that I'm back to my usual high heels and dresses, even if I was asked last week whether I actually own "any normal clothes". I guess that would be a no... 


  1. Ahahha normal clothes?! Why wear normal clothes when you can wear extra-normal clothes! Love this dress, I'm always so jealous when people can make their own clothes! X

  2. I love the fact this dress has a sloth print - your outfits are always amazing Char and I love the way you dress, screw 'normal clothes' you always look brilliant! Love the colour of the shoes too, they go perfectly. - Tasha

  3. What is normal anyway?! Love this outfit, that print is so cute!

    Maria xxx

    1. I'm not sure - I think he meant jeans and casual stuff?

  4. Normal clothes?? What are they? Who'd want to wear 'normal' stuff when they can have a fabulous wardrobe like yours? You look amazing, and I especially love the shoes. xx

  5. I hate normal clothes! Balls to that! Hurrah for quirky fun clothes!x

    1. Haha - your comment really made me laugh!