Sunday, 23 August 2015

What's a picnic without ants?

Matryoshka ring: New Look
Shoes: Mel
Dress: Handmade (Love Sewing Magazine's Bardot pattern)
Heart Necklace: Accessorize
Cardigan: Topshop // Petticoat: Hell Bunny

Picnic Basket: BHS

I mentioned that I'd somehow managed to get out of my recent dressmaking rut. This is one of the dresses I whipped up last weekend. It made me think of picnics, so of course immediately dinner plans on Sunday night had to be altered.

This is the second time I've made this pattern up and after the first I made a couple of changes to the back of the sleeves in order to help them fit together without so much pointy excess, but I think some more work is still needed. The neckline is created with the addition of the sleeves, but I'm finding that it's a rather wide neckline and rather than sits on, it more falls off my shoulders. For this dress, I'll add a little elastic around the tops of the sleeves but in future I'll try and work on the shape of the sleeves to remove the excess*.

(*Or, more likely, I just won't choose to make this pattern again.)

I really like the fullness of the skirt, though. This Hell Bunny petticoat, dug out from the trunk under my bed, just has so much volume. I feel as though I should wear more petticoats. 


  1. That's very cute! I hope your picnic doesn't bring you real ants! that would be horrid!x

  2. I love this dress Char, such a quirky fabric! x

  3. This is really pretty, yay for petticoats!
    You have so many lovely dress patterns, is it worth faffing with this one to make if work?

  4. You look absolutely stunning! I love the dress; the fabric is just like the Modcloth dress that was about last year. So pretty. I love all of the accessories and the cardi, too. xx