Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday Titles 064..

Before She Was Mine
Before She Was Mine - Kate Long

This book, I think, was one I received in a swap parcel. I picked it up a couple of weekends ago when I was waiting for some cakes to bake. Despite knowing nothing about the story beforehand, I fell straight into it and didn't put it down (aside from getting cakes out of the oven!) until I'd finished it.

Although not particularly dramatic or anything, the storyline drew me in. Freya has two mothers. Her kooky, childlike birth mother Melody. And earthy, nature-loving Liv, her adoptive mother who has raised Freya in the house which has been her home for more than twenty years.

Unlike books I've read with similar themes, this is not a story of an adopted girl tracking her mother down. There are flashbacks to the time Melody was deciding whether or not to put her unborn child up for adoption, and case reports from the social worker giving us small insights into what the early years were like.

Freya splits her time between her two mothers and they in turn seem to be parking the awkwardness which comes with being indeterminate parts of her life and at least tolerating the existence of one another, event if they can't seem to figure out how to be part of each other's lives.

When a tragic event occurs, it affects all three of them and their bonds are really tested. Although a fairly gentle narrative, I liked how this book touched upon some really heavy themes and deals with them very well. A definite heart-warming read for an Autumn afternoon.


  1. I think I sent it to you. Glad you liked it! I thought it was a different and interesting read to other books, one I too didn't see coming!x

    1. Ah, I think you might have - it was very much not what I was expecting, but it whiled away an afternoon very nicely, so thank you Kezzie!