Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Dinner: Solved..

A little break with tradition this year, as I'll not be spending Christmas Day with the family. My sister will be working, which means the traditional Christmas Dinner at the childhood home will be taking place on Boxing Day instead.


This is fine, as it gives me the chance to tackle cooking my own Christmas Dinner. Although there will only be a few of us around the table, I've been panicking a little about timings and how to get everything ready at the same time (there's nothing worse than overcooked sprouts after all!). Thankfully, the internet has saved the day (and our dinner!) with this handy infographic, which I'm going to be referring to for all of my timings. I've picked the sprouts from the allotment, all I need to do now is collect the turkey from my local farm shop. What could possibly go wrong?!

Are you tackling Christmas Dinner this year? Thanks to Mayfair Granite for allowing me to share this infographic.

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  1. Just enjoy it!! My sprouts were enjoyed by Cabbage Whites/caterpillars! Will try to remember to cover with net next time!!
    The only thing I'd say is maybe cook your stuffings separate and just chop up some fruit - apples, lemons etc- and put them in the cavity instead. When I worked for the engineering company we all got given a turkey for Christmas. The print room lady's hubby was a chef and she told me to do this, and also I cooked it overnight on a very low heat. I come from a family of me, mum and dad, never having a whole, huge turkey-lurkey to 'do' or seen it 'done', I was more than happy for any info! Turned out luvverly!!