Thursday, 3 December 2015


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 Last weekend found me in London to meet up with my favourite unicorn, Erica. We hotfooted it down to The Fable in Holborn, for the #coffeewithcurrys event and spent a while there, taking photos (mine were rubbish, as were any with me in them), trying our hand at latte art and cocktail-making, as well as learning about coffee-tasting and hearing about the Nespresso brand.

The venue was rather lovely and somewhere I'd certainly visit again for actual food. A coffee event sounded as though it was right up my street, although we didn't really get to drink very much of the stuff! 

Things I learned? Well, Nespresso coffee pods are made using the top 1% of coffee beans from across the world, and their pods are completely recyclable. They'll even send people to collect your used pods and recycle them for you, which I thought was pretty good going. I'm not sure I'll be swayed from my old-school coffee bean grinder and cafetiere anytime soon, though.

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