Monday, 21 December 2015

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright..

So, everywhere you look, Christmas is right in your face. It's only a few days away, yet I'm really not feeling that festive excitement and I can't understand why. 


For once, this year I managed to get all of my present shopping done before the end of October. (Partly because I've been on a spending ban for myself so I've been more likely to buy things for other people, plus I've been on a fairly strict budget of late). So there was none of that venturing out on Panic Saturday, as the media seem to have dubbed it. 


In fact, instead I spent my Saturday at Alex's house, and we did venture out to Lark Lane for brunch, but aside from that we spent a very relaxed day exhausting the Netflix film choices. On the advice of my work colleagues, I've finally seen Home Alone for the first time. I also managed to get caught up on my outstanding penpal letters, which was good, but it was a super no-pressure day. 


And yet, there is still this "what have I forgotten?" feeling hanging over me. I've iced the Christmas cakes I've made for family and friends, wrapped all of the presents and kept the post office alive sending the ones which needed to be sent. I've made a veritable tonne of mince pies and made all of the handmade things I'd planned to. In theory, I should be feeling smug at my level of organisation. But that, and that festive feeling seem set to elude me.

What do you do to make sure you're ready for the big day?



  1. We were at Westfield shopping centre on Saturday as we were meeting friends to see Star Wars. It was heaving and horrid. I've done most of my shopping and had done it fairly early!! I know what you mean about feeling you've forgotten something. My husband is in a panic as none of the things he wanted to order for me are in stock and he feels under pressure for not having anything for me. I just told him not to worry and perhaps he could get me something in the new year.x

  2. I'm struggling to feel festive this year, too, and I'm one of those people who always gets as excited for Christmas as kids do! I don't know what's up with me this year. I just feel really 'meh'. Hopefully we both start feeling festive by Christmas Eve! I love your Christmas tree, the window display is so cute, and I can't believe you've only just seen Home Alone! It's a classic. You need to watch Home Alone 2 next- it's awesome! xx

  3. Wine, wine and more, wine maybe with a large G'n't thrown in always helps with the anxiety for me...(only half joking!!)....bestest festive wishes to you....Dxxx

  4. I'm catching up on posts (or trying to). My friends and I decided not to send gifts this year (between 3 of them, they have 8 kids so it was kinda getting out of hand), so I didn't have as much to get as usual (my Mum, Dad, 2 sisters, brother in law, 3 nephews and a couple of friends I still buy for). So I was pretty well organised this year, buying most stuff online or getting my Mum to help out with other bits. It's the cards I always dread writing, even though I don't send many.