Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sunday Shoes 090..


Clearing out the heaps of shoeboxes to make way for new shelves in the wardrobe room has meant I've rediscovered pairs of shoes I've never even worn before. Take these, which I'm reliably informed by Pink Haired Princess are called Squiggly Diggly

Their box was hidden down the back of one of the wardrobes, and it wasn't the original box, hence having to ask about the name. I'm afraid I don't know what season they were released, but having rediscovered them, I'm pleased to report I teamed them with my new Lindy Bop alpine print dress twinset for a meal out last weekend. 

Do you ever find things you'd totally forgotten about?


1 comment:

  1. Hi! They're pretty cute. I'm pretty envious you managed to get the alpine dress. I wanted it too but left it too late to ask CBC and he left it too late to order so it is sold out in an 8.:-(