Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tuesday Titles 073..

The Tell-Tale Heart - Jill Dawson

"Where do you think feelings are? Are they, like, inside you? Or do they sort of get inside you from someone or somewhere else?"

Well, The Tell-Tale Heart does a good job of exploring the above notion. 
When a teenager dies in an accident, it affords Patrick, a fifty-year-old professor, drinker and womaniser, the chance of a life-saving heart transplant. But as Patrick recovers, he has the odd feeling that his old life 'won't have him'. He becomes bewitched by the story of his heart, ever more curious about the boy who donated it, his ancestors, the Fenland he grew up in. What exactly has Patrick been given?

Patrick is a fairly unlikeable protagonist, but I'm always a fan of a timeslip novel and enjoyed the way there were three stories, vaguely interlinked. We dip in and out of the life of Patrick, Drew, who died in the crash, and Willie, an ancestor.

One of the most memorable things about this book, for me, was the descriptions of the landscape and countryside. Dawson really brings this area to life, which I'm told is a characteristic true of a lot of her writing. 

Read anything good, lately?

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  1. I love descriptions of land and country too. There is much beauty in an evocative description. The book sounds great. THANK YOU so much for the parcel. I was so.delighted to find it st home last night. am already storming through 'Every 15minutes'. Xx