Monday, 28 December 2015

You would even say it glows..

Dress: Handmade // Cardigan: Primark
Take a Chance heels: Irregular Choice
Hat: Vintage // Parcel Bow necklace: Charming Charlie

For once, choosing this year's Christmas outfit was pretty simple. I made this dress last weekend - the fabric has been sitting in the trolley for almost a year. Alex and I stopped into Abakhan just between Christmas and New Year last year and I beelined towards this in the bargain bin. 

The trouble with these bargains is that you just pay for the fabric by weight, it's not on a roll and unless you think to ask (I didn't), you don't know whether you have enough for a dress or not, until you dig it out and take a look, months later. This was two pieces in the end, a smaller one which I was able to get the front bodice from, and then piece a couple of bits together into a back bodice, and then another, larger piece, which I gathered into a skirt. 

I pretty much used the Bette pattern as a start point, narrowing the shoulders and making a more V-shaped back due to fabric constraints, but I've got something wearable at least and the cheerful reindeer print reminds me of a Chrismassy cartoon movie we used to have on VHS as kids, so I love it for nostalgia reasons alone. 

I also figured it went very well with my new Irregular Choice heels. And if Christmas isn't the time to dig out a vintage hat, when is?!