Friday, 8 January 2016

Friday Favourites 177..

FF 177 Collage
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This week has been odd, as I'm officially allowed to buy things, but I totally haven't. I'm not sure why. 
Well, I've bought myself a new pair of leggings for the gym, and then have ordered some things for upcoming birthday presents. And actually I'm quite excited by the leggings. But I wouldn't put them in the same category of frivolous purchases as I would this week's wishlist..

001: The Dotty dress from Voodoo Vixen is currently topping my dress wishlist. I think this is mixture of mint green and red ladybirds and detailing is just perfect for spring. If it ever happens. 

002: Vendula London never seem to miss when it comes to creating cute bag designs. Their new range is based on sushi stores and features these cute kittens!

003: These Irregular Choice Yankee Doodle shoes are currently in the sale, Temptation. 

004: I'm enjoying all of the colourful pieces in the Whitepepper sale as well. I've always been a great fan of dungarees and this jumpsuit is just perfect with it's cute pocket detail.

005: I'm currently on the hunt for a new boxset series to watch whilst sewing and Pushing Daisies is one which has been recommended to me time and again, as apparently I'll like the outfits... 

What are you wishing for this week?


  1. I loved Pushing Daisies and yes yes yes, you'll love the outfits!!!
    That voodoo vixen dress is v pretty! I have a dress similar in colour scheme from Joy Louche but it they are spots, not lady birds and it has a high neck with a collar instead but they are similar!Xx

    1. It's one which keeps being recommended to me. I have some Amazon vouchers on the way from a survey site I work with, so I'm thinking perhaps I'll put them towards the box set.

  2. I love that dress, it's so pretty (and not halterneck, always a plus for me!) xx

  3. I was eyeing some of the bags in The Whitepepper sale y'day. I've had those Yankee Doodle on my wishlist since they came out....never had pennies for them though!

    1. I know, I'm desperately hoping to take on another dress commission before they sell out.